4 Suspected Killers Of Haitian President Fatally Shot By Police

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Police fatally shot four people suspected of assassinating Haitian President Jovenel Moïse at his home on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported, citing the Haitian police chief.

Police also arrested two others, who were described by the AP as having been heavily armed and highly trained professional killers. The arrests took place in the upscale neighborhood of Petionville, outside Port-au-Prince, Bloomberg noted.

Three police officers were reportedly held hostage by the suspects but were freed late Wednesday, Léon Charles, chief of Haiti’s National Police, told the AP.

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  1. Mainstream media is of course not reporting that the President of Haiti was assassinated for providing information to the US Military Intelligence with evidence on the Clinton’s and the CIA and all the gold stolen from Haiti, as well as evidence on the heinous crimes on the CIA, Clintons, Epstein and the Vatican regarding the trafficking of hundreds of thousands of children globally.

    “Coincidentally”, his assassination happened the day the Pentagon rejected the contract of Bill Gates’ Amazon and Microsoft.

  2. Haiti president killed for being מורד במלכות rebelling in the Deep State kingdom and being the only country in the Western hemisphere not enforcing the toxic vaccine to its citizens.


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