4 Swat Team Officers Shot in Lakewood Rental Unit Owned By Yid

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police-lakewood[Photos and videos below.] A gunman opened fire early today on a SWAT team that burst into a home during a drug and gun raid, wounding four officers while spraying bullets from atop a staircase, as reported earlier today. One officer was critically wounded. Lakewood Patrolman John Wilson was shot in┬áthe face during the raid, and is in critical but stable condition at Kimball Medical Center. Authorities at a press conference held today at 10:45 a.m. at Lakewood’s Municipal Building said they were optimistic he would survive despite being grievously wounded.

“He is in good spirits, and he’s communicating,” said Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford.

Matzav.com has learned that the house on Mackenzie Court where the shooting took place, in the Chestnut Street neighborhood, is owned by a frum Lakewood resident.

Authorities said Wilson is in danger of losing an eye from the gunshot wound. Wilson is a six-year veteran of the force who is married with four children, including a newborn.

Police Chief Rob Lawson said the officer was shot in the forehead. But because the bullet was fired at a downward angle, it did not penetrate his skull, instead exiting through the side of his face.

Lt. Greg Meyer was shot in the foot, and was in good condition at the hospital following surgery for bone injuries.

Two other Lakewood officers, Sgt. Louis Sasso and Patrolman Leonard Nieves Sr. were shot in their specially reinforced bulletproof vests, sustaining only minor injuries despite being struck in the chest. They were treated and released from the hospital.

The suspect, Jamie Gonzalez, 39, is in critical condition after suffering numerous gunshot wounds as police returned fire, Ford said.

He was charged with four counts of attempted murder, as well illegal weapons possession and receiving stolen property. The .357 Magnum used to shoot the officers was reported stolen from South Carolina, Ford said.

Gonzalez was to be held on $2 million bail once released from the hospital.

A second man who was inside the house when the shooting erupted also was in custody, but had not been charged as of mid-day today. First Assistant Prosecutor Ronald DeLigny said it does not appear the second person was involved in the shooting, but may be implicated in the underlying guns and drugs case that brought the multi-agency task force to the house in the first place.

At 2:25 a.m., the task force consisting of officers from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, New Jersey State Police, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and Lakewood police executed a “no-knock” search warrant at the single family split-level home.

They knocked down the door with a battering ram, entered a mid-level landing and were heading upstairs when Gonzalez opened fire on them from atop a staircase, striking the four officers, authorities said.

Police returned fire and shot Gonzalez several times. It was not immediately clear how many shots were fired.

Authorities are still searching the house today for evidence in the shooting case, as well as the gun and drugs case. Ford would not say whether any drugs or additional weapons were found inside.

She would not characterize the underlying drug and weapons case other than to say it was “big enough to attract the attention of the task force.”

Neighbors said they had noticed numerous cars pulling up to the house then quickly leaving after the occupants entered and left the house.

“It’s not the same world it used to be, people killing each other all the time,” said neighbor Robin Kumar. “Police are here to protect us; why would you do such a thing?”

See below for photos of today’s press conference:

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For video of the press conference, click below:

{Matzav.com Newscenter, with reporting by AP-NJ/Photos courtesy of Yated Ne’eman}



  2. …so rather than selling it (even at a modest profit) or renting it at market rates to Jews, he chose to rent it to criminals. And this exhonerates him how, precisely?

  3. To #2: What are you smoking?? I live in the neighborhood, and it has consistently become better and better as more and more frum people move in. If it changed for the worse, it is due to the owner-turned-investor who rented to this trash, instead of fixing it up and moving in himself, or fixing it up to rent to a normal family of Jews or non jews.

    The Rabbonim have repeatedly called on the landlords to fix this problem, and this guy bears responsibility.

    What are we waiting for – DO WE NEED SOMEONE TO DIE, God forbid, before these landlords will take action??

  4. Re: What?
    So are you saying because he bought the house without properly researching the neighborhood, it is ok to put in the worst gun runner and drug dealers on the block?

    He is absolved of being a mentch and not being mazik other people?

    You gotta be kidding me. There are other frum people on that block. They are entitled to live too, even though he couldn’t bring himself to live on that block.

    We gotta start a movement, to put pressure on the selfish people, make their lives uncomfortable, until they stop making other people’s lives uncomfortable. We should picket their houses nightly.
    Enough is enough!

  5. moshe i agree im saying that this person is not an investor maybe there should be a group to help people who bought houses and are stuck with it for whatever reason

  6. A background check of the tenant indicated that he was involved in the pharmacutical industry and therefore the landlord felt comfortable renting the house to him.

  7. #9 – Look he isn’t stuck with it. He can fix it up and rent to decent people. He can do criminal checks to ensure that his tenants aren’t felons.

    #10 – This guy had a criminal record.
    If the owner would’ve cared enough to spend $20 on a criminal check, he would’ve saved us all this aggravation.
    The problem is, these guys don’t care enough to even take the minimal steps to prevent these kinds of people from moving in.

    #11 – If he would’ve spent a few dollars fixing up the house, he could’ve rented it to Frum people, or upstanding non-jews.
    These people just dont care enough to bother with these things.


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