400 Shadchanim Meet


Four hundred shadchonim affiliated with the Hagefen organization, which seeks to facilitate shidduchim for thousands of older people, attended a third annual conference in Yerushalayim. Every two months, the organization issues updated name lists. It made 1,356 shidduchim in the past year.

An older boy spoke to the crowd via video, asking the shadchonim to devote at least ten minutes a day to their older clients. Shortly afterwards, his family announced that they gave Hagefen $11,000 to award to whoever finds him a match.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Huh?

    Chasidim having a meeting about their shidduch crisis?

    What is going on?

    Weren’t people saying that shidduch difficulties are only a Litvishe problem and that things are purrrrrfect by Chasidim?

    Is someone trying to burst an illusion here or what?

    Chasidim have no problems, don’t you guys know by now? The grass is so green and beautiful on their side when seen through the proper rose colored glasses.

  2. Can someone explain this: shadchannim now charge and expect payment for unsuccessful matches (I.e, 1-4 dates and then stop) to be remunerated for their efforts.

    Yet, salesmans and professionals get no payment when trying to arrange new deals or clients that don’t pan out.

    Why the difference?


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