400,000 Immigrants from Russia to Israel Are Not Jews

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immigrantsMore than 400,000 people that immigrated to Israel in the late 1990s from the countries of the former Soviet Union were not Jews, Israeli media has reported. According to the financial daily The Marker, the immigrants came to Israel for economic reasons. “If they had the chance to go to a more civilized state they would have gone definitely,” stated Israeli finance minister advisor Avi Simhon.

“More than 400,000 immigrants who were never Jewish came to Israel, but who may have had one grandparent who was once Jewish. They came here because they received immigrants’ benefits and we agreed to take them in,” he said.

Simhon is under fire from top Israeli officials because of his comments, especially leaders of “Yisrael Beiteinu” which represents Russian Jews that emigrated to Israel during the 1990s.

These sort of statements usually trigger dipsutes within the Israeli community as it questions the Jewish origin of immigrants. Shortly after Simhon made his statements, Ze’ev Elkin, Knesset member, called for the sacking of Simhon.

Recently the Israeli minister of immigration said that 9000 scientists emigrated from former Soviet Union states to Israel and were working on technology projects.

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  1. “Simhon is under fire from top Israeli officials because of his comments”

    The truth isn’t allowed to be spoken openly. In fact, the non-Jewish Russians are probably a lot lot more than 400,000.

    But not to worry. Give it a few more years, and the Zionist establishment with Druckman at its helm will perform some voodoo “conversions”, wave a magic wand over some mikvah, and declare them all “Jews” without the need so much of keeping a single Shabbos.

  2. Jewish brainpower….in every area of life…come and pick our brains…figure it all out and then go back where you came from …and use it against us! Is that what it’s all about…? They need to be more discriminating about who they allow in…..We give them a safe haven for whatever reason…and a few years down the line…they take what they learn and use it against us.How do you trust anyone today? Even your own people throw weapons at you…kal vechomer…

  3. Just go to Tel Aviv and other cities that are predominately non-religious, and you will see all of the kratzmach trees, lights and ornaments. This will tell you that there are at LEAST 400K goyim from russia.

  4. what is the news in this news ?
    i did aliyah in 1995 and when i arrived in israel the person welcoming me told me : at least a jew !
    i asked him what he ment and he told me that they where having problems with the russian aliyah .
    he told me that the majorety of russian olim weren`t jewish and that the israeli state was letting them with the excuse that they had one jewish grandparent.

  5. The Law of Return says that any Jew from anywhere in the world has the right to “return” to his homeland (i.e. there is no quota system). The problem is that the wording of the Israeli law was “yehudi” and “ger” without specifiying K’HALACHA. This has caused no end of problems till this very day, because under this law, anybody who claims to be Jewish is allowed in. And they will allow a Jewish male to bring along his non-Jewish wife, children, in-laws.

    Efforts were made to amend this law to say “giyur k’halacha” but it never went through. Unfortunately, it did not have widespread backing. Thanks to people’s shortsightedness, we have a major problem on our hands with Ukrainian and other goyim putting up churches, selling tarfus, and targeting Jews in the country that took them in by perpetrating anti-Semitic acts of vandalism and worse. Of course intermarriage is a serious problem too.

  6. Very sad, Lets bring back the 400,000 plus Israeli Yordim in the United States and trade them for the non Jews here. These non Jews here would prefer to be in th US amongst other non Jews and ecomonically they would be better off

  7. it is not about converts it is about goyim.

    if you are coming from any other (country where it can be proved that you are jewish) country but russia and want to do aliyah to the israeli state you have got to prove them that you are 100% jewish. you get many obstacles put in front of your feet. and you need a basic amount of money to emigrate.they treat you like dirt !

    But if you are russian you can do aliyah even if you are not jewish.
    you just need one jewish grandparent .
    the best of all , you need no money at all. and they take them in kissing their feet.( maybe because tuma atrakts tuma).
    similar with the ethiopians who could never prove that they were jewish but all of them did aliyah.
    even south americans do aliyah and the state claims that they are from the lost shvatim.
    it looks like the israeli state doesn`t want jews to do aliyah because of the fear that medinat israel would become more jewish.
    then comes the problem with the goyim who are beeing converted by the state eventhough the state knows that they don`t belive in Torah and mitzwot but are fullfledshed goyim.

    this is not medinat israel but medinat ha-hillul Hashem


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