Watch: Avraham Fried and Sons Sing Birkas Kohanim



  1. I’m unsure as to how this is permitted according to the RMA as this is not on Yom Tov
    Also who says one is allowed to say it as a Bracha without a minyan
    Also who says it has any validity since it’s worse even than shomeya kohneh
    Which is ineffective in bircas kohanim
    Also what maalah in the Bracha aside from a publicity stunt does being done on video have
    I think that a qualified Rav should have been asked prior

  2. Mr. Farshteinisht, it’s ok to not understand and to ask questions. We certainly don’t know or understand everything. If you paid attention, you’d see that they did not raise their hands nor did they wear a Talis when they recited the Pesukim of Birkas Kohanim. The most you can blame them for is reciting pesukei Torah with beautiful ne’eemus. BTW, their Nusach is really beautiful. The Brochos come from Hashem Yisborach. Like the Posuk syas: ושמו את שמי על בני ישראל ואני אברכם. I’m not Lubavitch nor a Chosid, but I think that at our current situation we need to strengthen the ואהבת לרעך and see and accentuate the positive rather than continue the bickering as usual. Stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful Yom Tov.


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