41 Percent Of Adults Don’t Plan To Get Flu Shot Despite Last Year’s Deadly Season

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More than 40 percent of American adults have not received a flu shot this year and don’t plan to do so, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

The survey from NORC at the University of Chicago found that, as of mid-November, 41 percent of adults said they haven’t been vaccinated have no plans to change that, despite last season’s record-high death toll.

Among adults who said they don’t plan to get vaccinated, most were concerned about side effects and getting the flu from the vaccination. Others believed that the flu vaccines don’t work very well or that they were unlikely to get sick from the flu.

Public health officials at the federal level have pleaded with the public to get vaccinated this year after the virus killed 80,000 people last year, making 2017 the deadliest flu season in decades.

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  1. 59% are meshuge enough to take the flu shot when the CDC themselves state that the shot only has a 10% efficacy rate? As meshuge as mmr vaxxers.

  2. A more interesting and telling headline is that 59 percent of adults will take the flu shot despite the fact that last year’s flu shots didn’t work.
    Do you think that propaganda has anything to do with it?

  3. ……. Despite Last Year’s Deadly Season. It wasn’t that deadly! Alot of people got vaccinated and actually survived the vaccine…..

  4. Why some of these commentators hope the readership is so stupid is beyond me. Start with the fact that poster #1, despite apparently being on his side, invalidates poster #2. Just what is the “propaganda” when it is the CDC itself that allegedly presents the alleged efficacy rate? In any case, one does not know the efficacy rate until after the season is over, so even stating s number as does poster #1 has no meaning for the current season.

  5. I know several elderly people who had heart attacks in the days and weeks following their flu shot. At least though they were protected from the flu strain in the shot even though the shot may have killed them.

  6. Watch del bigtree’s highwire about this. He explains how the one thing that many of the people who died from flu had in common was that they took tamiflu. Look into that before using for the flu

  7. Also getting flu shot or not getting has same chance of contracting flu.
    It doesnt do much good and can cause harm as we see by jose peralta who died 2 weeks after the flu shot


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