41 Percent of Palestinian Terrorists Freed in Exchange for Gilad Shalit Have Returned to Terrorism 

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Nadav Shragai reports for Yisroel hayom that 420 of the 1,027 Palestinian terrorists released in exchange for captured IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit in November 2011 have returned to terrorism and violence, according to a senior security official.
The major damage comes from the freed prisoners who were deported to or sent back to Gaza, beyond Israel’s reach. Prisoners released in the Shalit deal have seized control of Hamas in Gaza and are hatching plans for terrorist attacks in the West Bank.
Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas in Gaza who himself was released in the deal, is thinking up plans for another abduction. Hamas’ fingerprints are all over many of the attacks that Israel managed to thwart in the past year.
{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Is anyone surprised? Are the people who devote their entire lives to terrorism really expected to become farmers or factory workers?
    As harsh as this may sound, the entire Shalit deal was absolutely wrong, and endangered many other Yidden, both because of the terrorists released, and due to the impetus for repeated kidnappings.
    In regard to pidyon shevuim, the halacha states that one may not pay a sum above the market price of a slave, since doing that will encourage repeat behavior. The Maharam expressly refused to be redeemed for the sum set by the emperor, as doing so would jeopardize every rabbi in Germany. That’s why he chose to spend the remaining years of his life in prison.

  2. I’m surprised it’s only 41%.
    The whole deal was a crime, as eloquently stated by post #1, Marc. Sad news and wholly predicted.


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