Watch: Reporter Asks Trump If He ‘Regrets All The Lying’

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  1. Does he?

    forget all the lying, thats a big ask

    does he regret ANY lying?

    Of course not it is in his DNA it is who he is.

    Though iyh soon he will just be a bad memory

  2. What chutzpah! President Trump is THE FIRST PRESIDENT who has NOT lied. THE FIRST PRESIDENT who fulfilled all his promises. This mechutzaf wouldn’t have had the courage to ask Obama, the liar, this question. Hope this mechutzaf was ousted for good.

  3. What was the purpose of showing this video? You showed it without comment? Why? This reporter should be banned for making such an outlandish comment which is one big lie in itself.

    Meir Grunhut

  4. The concept of “Respect for Office” and respecting other parties died long ago with President (then Senator) Obama.
    It started when he ran his whole campaign with the slogan “CHANGE!” and constantly slandered President Bush (remember those days when the world and politics was so simple)

    Obama then was the first President to sit in the oval office without wearing a jacket, furthering the disrespect for office.

    It just spiraled downhill from there.

  5. The question is not professional journalism. I don’t know how that foreigner got into the room. I hope he’s banned for life. The President was correct in completely ignoring the imbicle’s “question” and moved on to the next “reporter”.


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