Trump Says He May Ask Cabinet To Resign If Reelected

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President Donald Trump said Saturday he may ask for the resignation of every member of his cabinet if he’s re-elected — and added that he’s not pleased with all of them.

“I could see something like that happening,” Trump said in response to a question from a reporter at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club. “I wouldn’t say I’m thrilled with everybody, frankly.”

The president didn’t specify which cabinet members he’s unhappy with.

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  1. A nice way of getting rid of the clones and doubles representing those RINO and DEMOCRAT criminals who are not around anymore.

  2. It’s tyrannical. How can you vote for a tyrant like this? You can’t vote for the other guy but to actually vote for this man…..
    I’ll have to pinch my nose and fill the ball.

    • You’re right. The choice in this election is between not so good to very bad. Every decent person will vote for Trump while pinching his/her nose for the next four years.

    • #1’s comment makes the most sense and is probably right but the sheeple here cannot fathom the idea of clones.

  3. shows you what kind of loyalty trump has. why should anybody show him loyalty. he is the most self centered unloyal man to ever hold the post!

  4. He just cannot stop firing people. Every time he fires someone, another trove of damaging information is leaked. He even openly mused about firing Giuliani and Giuliani said publicly that he is not worried because he has “insurance”. Just have to wonder what that can mean…

  5. Pompeo is a miracle. He is the only person who survived 4 full years without ticking off his nitwit boss. I don’t know how in the world he did it.


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