GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Denounces QAnon Movement

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  1. Don’t have access to Utube so I don’t know what the Rep is saying, but this QAnon business sounds like a mild case of schizophrenia with a chic 21st hipster label. Not sure why people are getting so worked up about it. Nebech, the believers need to take their meds. That’s all.

  2. Thank you to Rep. Kitzinger and all others of either party who denounce these revolting antisemite sickos, and shame to the rest of them who are seeking their votes.

  3. Is there one piece of truth to this 4 minutes of baloney? Perfect clip for the gullible naive sheeple who are afraid to do any investigation. QAnon and their drops are NOT predictions; they’re facts – proven facts. Those who are awake can prove each and every fact.

    Conspiracy theories are stuff that the government doesn’t want you to investigate and naive sheeple indeed buy into it lest they’d be called conspiracy theorists, which is why they don’t know the truth about coronavirus, masks, vaccines, the moon landing, 9/11, etc.

    4chan is not defunct anymore and neither is 8chan. Actually, QAnon has gained thousands of new members. More lies. The DNC did not install Kim to kill Seth Rich, they themselves murdered him. With so many lies, who can continue listening?

    And by the way, coronavirus IS the arrest of the Deep State criminals. How else can he explain the government’s discussions of stimulus checks and other stuff a year before the so-called virus appeared? And how can explain the lockdowns? Throughout generations for hundreds of years people had the flu and fever and there was never a global lockdown. Whom is he trying to fool with his lies besides naive sheeple?

    Had the Deep State criminals not been arrested we’d have heard from Hillary and Obama loud and clear like the first 2 years of President Trump, America’s greatest President ever.

    This RINO is hinting for the sleepers to wake up and check out QAnon if you want to know what’s actually happening in the world since you won’t get it from Fake News.

    • Uh, you forgot to mention the FACT that President Trump is in fact Elvis in disguise, and that he he will soon reveal himself and prove to the world that the earth is indeed flat.

    • And let’s not forget President Trump calling up an additional million reservists and had troops and tanks rolling downs the streets worldwide to combat the flu, huh? LOL!

  4. It’s only the intelligent people who are researching censored media known as conspiracies and trying to spread it. The rest of the public are too apathetic and do not have the audacity to do so. No easy feat for Q-Anon followers, over 3 million people, to wake up the sleepers.

    Q-Anon was write when they said:
    1% control the world.
    95% are asleep.
    4% know and are trying to wake up the 95% .
    The 1% don’t want the 4% waking up the 95%.

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