Watch: Trump Calls The USPS ‘One Of The Disaster Of The World’

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  1. the post office was very important to the founding fathers. its better for the post office to exist even with its possible bureaucracy then to rely on the good hearts of corporate America to look out for the average Joe. what happens if they dissolve the post office and private delivery services refuse to delivery to certain locations like they do already!

  2. THE TRUTH The probable real reason why Trump removed various mail sorting machines:

    In 1990 I was given a tour of the mail sort center in Minneapolis. I was shown a mail sorting machine that could read each address on every letter and then print a barcode on the bottom, and then send the mail down the appropriate chutes for delivery. It did it at a blinding speed. More importantly, there was another kick out where mails would go to groups of people who would open them and read them. They were on two floors, a total of about 40 people. Presumably they had the job of sorting out what that machine could not read, but lots of envelopes got opened. They had every type of envelope needed to re-mail after opening, and detailed printers that made it all look undisturbed, IN 1990. THAT TECH WAS THERE IN 1990 – where they could scan and re-print envelopes that looked original.

    Obviously then, here’s what I think Trump shut down –

    If in 1990 you could be entered into a database and have your mail hit a kick out so spooks could read it if you were of interest, how much more advanced is that tech in 2020? My bet is that Trump removed mail sort machines that had been compromised to steal the election. If you’re a Trump supporter, they wanted your vote to go right in the trash, at the sort level.

    Trump should have ALL the sorting machines removed for this time period, – so many they have to do the mail the old way, by hand. The system is too compromised now for any kind of machine sorting to be trusted, they make the police state too efficient.

    Trump was absolutely right.


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