Sarah Sanders: Never In History Have We Seen A Party So Taken By The Left-Wing Mob

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  1. If that were true bernie sanders woud be the nominee. They can say it 100x it doesn’t make it true and coming from her, an embarrassment, is real rich.

  2. Joe Lhota, Former Republican candidate for NY Mayor, Deputy Mayor for Rudy Guiliani,

    America has the greatest Health Care in the World and the misguided belief that Health Care is not a right. We need to fix this in November. #votejoe

  3. We’re already seeing that the Democrat party is defunct. I wonder if there’s anyone left. There are a bunch of clones and double roaming around representing major public figures who’ve been eliminated. You don’t have to believe me, you can see it with your own eyes if you want, but most naive people are afraid of being called ‘conspiracy theorists’ for finding and acknowledging the truth.


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