Listen: New Song from Mr. Yaakov Shwekey – L’Dovid

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  1. This music video leaves unclear messages .
    Why are tatooed, bare headed adult men (obviously Jewish) singing holy words of tehillim? If you’re trying to show they became balei teshuva because they heard a pretty song, then show them close up and davening at the Kosel or in a real shul with a kippa and tzitzit.
    I can’t imagine that it’s very appropriate to superimpose a picture of a singer or any random person on those particular walls.

    • are only people with a kippa allowed to say tehillim i dont think thats what dovid hamelech thought when he made them
      besides those walls you are talking about aren’t the walls that you are thinking about they are newer walls

      • I DO think that is what David Hamelech meant. In fact, it is assur to say a davar shebikedusha without a yarmulka.

        Listen. this isnt about judging people in the sense of “he’s a monster, terrible human being with no hope and no goodness”. Nobody is saying that.

        But you have to be able to call out things that are not ok.

        thats what RK was doing, and thats commendable, not the opposite.

        Anyone who disagrees, is calling riots a “protest”.

        • ironic considering rabbis have had issues with people singing jewish verses period. but that you don’t have an issue with im sure.

    • First of all is Tehilim only for people who wear a kippa I don’t think that’s what Dovid hamelech had in mind when he wrote it. Besides the walls you are talking about are not the same walls you are thinking about these walls are newer walls

    • RK you are 100 percent right.
      Yes, Tehillim IS only for jews who wear Kippah. At this point it is well established Halacha that one must wear a kippah!

      Where does one get the gall to ignore Hashems torah and then sing the Shirot of David Hamelech!

      I am not promoting pushing away thos who DO want to join close and are taking the steps slowly. But where do we get off DEPICTING blatant double-standards without some sort of explanation? CHANEIFIM!!!

    • Who are we to judge others?
      We are intelligent and sentient beings, who Hashem has commanded with a beautiful Torah.
      In that Torah it says
      1) Judge a tzadik favorably even when it seems bad
      2)Judge a beinoni favorably when it is possible to be good.
      3) Someone who we dont know if he is a beinoni, then it is middas chassidus to judge good but not obligatory.
      4) Judge a Rasha (someone who knowingly goes against Halachos that are ‘yadua lakol’ to be the halacha) unfavorably even if it seems good.
      Of COURSE we should judge, we are NEVER commanded to abandon our intelligence, (there are times when we must go against it but never to abandon it), We were created with the capacity to judge because it protects us from harm.
      Those who say “dont judge”, Mipnei Shelibam Nokfam!

  2. With all due respect, I don’t think anyone of us has a right to judge who is a role model. Anyone of these men might contribute to yiddishkeit in a beautiful way. Our job is to love them and not judge them. We are not perfect either. And we all share the same neshama. Why would you criticize a part of you? How do you know Hashem doesn’t treasure a brocha they make more than yours? We all want moshiach to come. How is he going to come with your attitude?

  3. rk doesn’t have to ‘judge’ them. the way one dresses is the image he wishes to project, that’s what he’s blazoning for all the world to see. so if he says he’s wicked i.e. doesn’t very scrupulously keep all 613, then we’ll accept what he’s saying!

  4. We don’t judge other people. They are Hashems children and our job is to love them, not criticize. And as for Yaakov shweky , he is a beautiful , super human being filled with kindness.

    • I’m sorry my friend, but we DO judge other people. Besides being the intelligent thing to do, it is also spelled out in halacha!

  5. First of all is Tehilim only for people who wear a kippa I don’t think that’s what Dovid hamelech had in mind when he wrote it. Besides the walls you are talking about are not the same walls you are thinking about these walls are newer walls

  6. If a person doesn’t dress in a tzniusdik way it doesn’t mean they are wicked. They haven’t been touched yet by every aspect of yiddishkeit. And I mean yet. I hope those band players are never going to read this column because I can assure you it will not bring them closer to yiddishkeit. Only with showing them love!

    • @EW, I understand the point you are trying to make, and I agree that there are merits, but I think your point must be refined and contextualized.
      Basically, it is important to note that many a time the opposite is true. When you have standards and actually stand for them you garner respect, when you coddle those who do the wrong things you lose it.
      AND you lose members of your own rank and file.
      No, Someone who dresses not tzniusdig is not NECESSARILY a rasha. Someone who dresses provocatively is definitely doing rishus. Think about that difference for a second.

      I have no problem showing respect and love to fellow jews who are nebach not doing whats right. But if that means we have to celebrate it and be mechanef, count me out.


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