Israel Leads World In Highest Daily COVID-19 Infection Rate Per Capita

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Israeli media outlets reported on Friday that Israel now leads the world in the daily COVID-19 infection rate per capita with 199.3 new cases per 1 million people.

Using the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracker as their metric, multiple media outlets reported that the startling numbers are confined to small window of time between August 26 and September 2nd.

Israel is thus the country where the morbidity rate has accelerated the fastest (+ 57%, or 2,202 new cases per day) among nations that are recording more than 1,000 daily cases on average during the past week.

Earlier this week, Israel’s Health Ministry announced that it had confirmed more than 3,000 infections on Wednesday, the highest single-day number recorded since the start of the pandemic.

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  1. Actually, the highest covid infections are in Australia and New Zealand. It’s taking them forever to eradicate the infectious criminals from deep down under. There’s reason they’ve closed the borders until next years. One can only leave with special authorization.

    Major hospitals in Israel are not even contacted about covid patience.

  2. Who cares? The question is not how many people a day are contracting the virus, the question is how many of those people are dying.
    Unless I am very much mistaken, in THAT metric, Israel is among the best.
    So these numbers just sow panic for no reason whatsoever.
    Why even bother testing?
    People who are deathly ill should seek medical help, everyone else should just live.

    • Chochom, do you know anyone that died from “coronavirus” and did not have an existing illness or got the flu shot? How come nobody knows anyone? In short, not one person died from this hoax virus but many many people have been fooled about it.

      • You are neither chacham, nor tam, but a שוטה . The coronavirus has been the מכה בפטיש of ehrlliche Yidden who suffered of other medical conditions, but would have lived had it not been for your “hoax virus”.

  3. I guess lockdowns are working, yeah? There is no non-communist country in the world that has had as draconian a program for beating the virus as Israel, and yet they’re now doing the worst in the world. Maybe if the police and military terrorize more chareidi 11-year-old girls because they aren’t wearing their masks, the numbers will improve. But they’ve got it figured out, those morons…


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