Watch: Israel Enters Yomim Noraim Under Lockdown

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  1. Israel has instituted one of the most draconian policies in the world, yet they say the infection rate is the highest. You’d think the Jewish brain would get to work and wonder why? Maybe the policies don’t work. Maybe they make things worse. Maybe the infection rate data is wrong. Maybe it’s because they test so many people at a high rate of magnification. Maybe they aren’t infected really but are just exposed to the virus. That is after all what the PCR test measures – exposure to the virus, not infection. There’s no denying few people have symptoms and around 500 only are seriously ill. What’s the response of the Israeli leaders? Intensify the policies. That, I am learning, is the Israeli mentality. Just brute force on everything. This is the same mentality that causes bus drivers to shout at you if you don’t insert your Rav Kav perfectly. It’s just this brutish, thuggish, mindless aggressiveness, always backed up by police and military. That is the real Israel. And we are seeing it here in spades. It’s pretty much the opposite of what people in the shtetl were like. And wasn’t that the whole goal – to rebel against the shtetl? Well this is the result. 1 million people in bidud and now the world’s first 2nd national lockdown. (How many countries had even 1 national lockdown?) And need I mention, a lockdown on the Holiest Days of the year. Why did I move here, to a so-called Jewish state that is the opposite in character from the Jews I descend from?

    • If you didn’t know before you moved here that the Jewish state has nothing to do with judaism I feel bad for you because you are so naive. The state of Israel couldn’t care less about Hashem or the Torah. I was walking to the Kosel 2 nights ago and there was a huge concert by city hall packed with people, but these kofrim allow that , they allow full summer vacations. they allow beaches, bars and all sorts of recreation but when it comes to the yomim noraim they just don’t care. R’ Chaim Brisker said it the best” they didn’t shmad the jews to create zionism, they created zionism to shmad the jews.

    • Every one of your points that you stated here is a very excellent observation. Yes, for example, the words a “Jewish State” and a “Jewish Homeland” certainly seem to be exceedingly noble goals. And the flag of Israel, with its two blue strips and a blue Magen Dovid on a white background certainly seems to be an exceedingly beautiful emblem. HOWEVER, the real truth is that, very, very, very, very tragically, with the countless wicked beliefs and actions of the modern secular Zionist movement, this modern day State of Israel that they have created is a very, very, very, very, UN-Jewish (so-called) “Jewish” state!!

    • (Note on my previous comment)

      Regarding the concept of a “Jewish Homeland,” please see the Peirush of Rav Shimshon Rafael Hirsch, ZT’L, on Sefer Devarim, Parshas V’Eschanan, at the first Pasuk of the second Aliya. He explains there at length that Eretz Yisroel is like a “Cheftza Shel Mitzva” – a physical “tool” with which we perform a Mitzva. For example, the physical cords of the Tzitzis are the physical tool with which we perform the Mitzva of Tzitzis. So, the physical land of Eretz Yisroel is the physical tool with which we perform (really) all the Mitzvos of the Torah. This purpose of Eretz Yisroel’s existence being for the fulfillment of the Torah is the definition of its essence and its relationship to us, who have the obligation to fulfill the Torah. He thus concludes the piece with the blunt, pointed words:

      “You are the people of the Torah, and Israel is the land of the Torah. But you are not the people of Israel, and Israel is not the land of the Jews.”

  2. Nothing to do with infection rates and positive tests or any illness. It was PLANNED already in May that the coronavirus will go up in September. Only fools would believe that the so-called Health Dept are prophets.

  3. This occurrence (of Israel entering the great sacred day of Rosh Hashanna and the whole new year of 5781 in the state of total Lockdown) is an extremely, extremely, extremely, severely horrendous tragedy!! These Lockdowns are ABSOLUTELY NOT necessary in any way whatsoever at all to “control” the Covid disease, and they DO NOT in any way whatsoever actually stop the disease.

    They are not necessary to control the disease, for, Boruch Hashem, right now, there are a large number of great effective treatments and cures for it, with which countless doctors have had brilliant success: The agent, Chlorine Dioxide, the old drug, Hydroxychloroquine, and numerous natural remedies, including: Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, and Ozone.

    And the Lockdowns do not stop the disease; on the contrary, by forbidding to go outside and absorb sunlight and breath fresh air and get good basic exercise, THEY ARE HARMING PEOPLE’S IMMUNITY and thus causing them to, Chas V’Shalom, get hit with Covid and other diseases. Furthermore, with wiping out people’s source of $$$$$ income, they will soon have no $$$ to buy any good food or needed medicines and will get deathly weak and sick and even die from starvation. Further furthermore, keeping people virtually jailed in their homes and unable to do their productive work for week after week after week and month after month after month — again, with no $$$ to purchase food & necessities — will also cause severe mental & emotional deterioration leading even to violence and death. Thus, throughout the earlier Lockdowns, Emergency Rooms saw sharp increases in children severely injured by distraught-pushed-over-the-cliff-parents, and police departments had to confront sharp increases in outright suicides, Rachmana Litzlan!!


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