Watch: Second Lockdown Expected To Cost Israel $1.8 Billion

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  1. The lockdown costs Israel $1.8 billion to pay the thousands of US marines who were brought to Israel for a few weeks to assist with the arrests of the corona criminals who’ve committed crimes against humanity (just like the corona criminals in countries around the globe who are currently being arrested).

  2. Can someone explain

    Israel has one of the worlds toughest mask policies, they have given out thousands upon thousands of fines to people not wearing them.

    And where is Israel now? In a three week lockdown. With 51,338 ACTIVE cases, 688 seriously ill and 177 ventilated.

    All that, with strict mask wearing enforcement


    Simple answer

    Masks does not stop covid from spreading

    • The message that the bare headed pork eating Israeli government fails to realize, is that HKB”H controls the events of the world. They are powerless against the rotzoin Hashem. They (we all) must acknowledge that Hashem is the king. Once that is recognized, everything will be good again.


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