Watch: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lies In Repose At The Supreme Court

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  1. So this great “Tzadikis” who a new Jewish tradition was made up for (that if someone dies on Rosh HaShana it is a sign they are a Tzadik Outside of the secular media it has no known source)doesn’t care about Bal Tolin?

  2. May Hashem help us if anyone carries forward her legacy, as this reform kipa-wearing woman said. As a justice minister, RBG already got the justice from heaven for her crimes after she was coronavirused on Jan 20 2019.

  3. Actually, she died before Rosh hashana.
    Not that it makes a difference.
    She was a rotzeach and a mushchus and turned her back on her heritage. (Which are three seperate things.)
    Shem Reshaim Yirkav

    • Actually, she was sent down 14 Shvat 5779, a year and a half ago. Her official death was only disclosed now for political reasons. Turning her back on her heritage led her to her evil deeds. If there’s no fear of Heaven, there’s no fear of people, as has been proven too many times.


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