Watch: A Third Of Israel’s Cases From Charedi Communities

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  1. ONLY ONLY ONLY from Yeshivos who are in the “Meloniyot Program” (who get financial aid from the government – the more the merrier) which is why there are “so many” in the Chareidi communities.

    On the other hand, there are no cases in Chareidi communities who are not funded by the government and do not wear masks or gloves or wash their hands 50 times a day and do not follow the social distancing nonsense. BTW what’s social about being 6′ apart?

  2. Kol Hakovod President Trump. May G-d continue His benevolence towards you, giving you abundance of success, health and Heavenly assistance. Amen veAmen!
    While Mainstream Media is distracting the sheeple with some fabricated plannedemic of a bunch of nonsensical cases, the planet is being cleansed undisturbed from the Invisible Enemies that have plagued the world for centuries, paving the way for a rosy future.

    • This is referred to as an induced coma, or deep state of unconsciousness, when the media reports babble that causes a total lack of awareness while the cancer infecting the world is being removed.

  3. This report refers to the hoshanos that religious Jews use that have tested positive being that they don’t smell or taste.


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