Family Of Jewish Teen Pulled Alive From Rubble Of Florida Building Collapse Files Suit

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The family of a teen pulled alive from the rubble of last month’s Florida building disaster has filed a lawsuit claiming its condo association knew the highrise was “at grave risk of collapse.”

Relatives of 15-year-old Jonah Handler say in the suit filed Thursday that the condo association at Champlain Towers South in Surfside was aware of previous “widespread structural damage” at the building, as detailed in a damning 2018 engineer’s report, the Miami Herald reported. Handler’s mother died from the building collapse June 24.

The court papers allege that the condo association knew that the “building was structurally unsound, unsafe, and at grave risk of collapse” well before it fell.

Handler, a sophomore at Monsignor Edward Pace High School, survived the tragedy but suffered devastating injuries, according to the suit.

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  1. Totally disgusting!
    The poor owners and residence suffered enough. They have lost lives and property to the collapse and now some greedy lawyers are using families, that were not there, to take whatever monetary value might be left.
    Instead of dividing the equity evenly with arbitration they want to litigate it so they and their lawyers can become rich on others misfortunes. So sad! So 2021 American!
    I hope some judge stops this asap.

  2. “ as detailed in a damning 2018 engineer’s report” for all the heavy censorship this site does to remove swear words, it should also censor itself and as well censure itself for missing this. Let’s see if you have enough humility and honesty to print this.

    • 7:16, according to any dictionary, a verb damn has 2 basic uses: 1) to condemn, to denounce, to criticize, and 2) to swear/curse, which is also arguably not really a nivul peh in itself, as it is basically a synonym of a word curse. “A damning report” means a condemning or a criticizing report. It’s obviously used as in the usage 1), and it is definitely not a curse by any definition. Drink less coffee and read a dictionary once in a while.

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