Lapid: We’ve Reassured Jordan There’s No Change To Har Habayis Status Quo

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Foreign Minister Yair Lapid says there is no change to the longstanding religious arrangements on Har Habayis, under which only Muslims may pray at the site.

“There is no change to the status quo on the Gar Habayis. We’ve clarified this to the Jordanians,” says Lapid. The Jordanian Waqf are the official custodians of the site.

His comments come after sources in the Prime Minister’s Office told Army Radio that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had misspoken on Sunday when he said both Jews and Muslims have “freedom of worship” on Har Habayis, which would be a potentially explosive change after decades of Jews being permitted only to visit, but not daven, there.

Read more at Times of Israel.




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