48 Pages Of Never Before Published Writings Of The Ben Ish Chai To Go Up For Auction

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Newly discovered writings of the Ben Ish Chai will be gong up for auction later this month.

The content of the 48 pages, in the Ben Ish Chai’s handwriting, was a hesped he gave on the day of his father’s petirah that was never printed. The subject of the writing is the schar waiting for tzaddikim in the Next World.

Chacham Eliahu, father of Rabbeinu Yosef Chaim, the Ben Ish Chai, died on the 7th of Elul, just 16 years before his son died on the very same day.

The opening price for the manuscript is $ 15,000, although the auction house is hoping that the manuscript will eventually be sold at a much higher price.



  1. Correction
    The Ben Ish Hai took over from his father Haham Eliyahu at age 26. He was niftar 50 years later on the 13th Ellul. 50 years to the day of the last day of the shiva of his father, aged 76.

  2. “Newly discovered” – why is this manuscript not handed down to one if his descendants – for FREE. It is actually a misswah to return to the rightful owners or their inheritors “hashavath avedhah” – “lost (or stolen) articles”. The scions of Hakham Yoseph Hayim would number around 300-500 souls, primarily living in Israel or London – not difficult to find them.
    As the reply above mentioned – Hakham Yoseph Hayim expired 50 or 51 years after his father’s death – not 18. And on the 13th of Elul, not the 6th.
    I sense there is a scam behind this.


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