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5 Jordanians On Trial For Planning Terrorist Attacks In The Shomron

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Five Jordanians are standing trial in their home country for planning terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in the Shomron, French news agency AFP reported on Tuesday.


According to a Jordanian official, the suspects’ trial began last February at a Jordanian military court that handles terrorist crimes. They were arrested earlier that month.

It still was unclear why the suspects’ identities and their arrest have been kept under wraps until now. Israel has not commented on the issue at this time.

The report of their arrest comes amid Israeli-Jordanian tensions over Israel’s intention to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and parts of Yehuda and Shomron in early July.


“We unequivocally warn against the grave consequence of annexation on the quest for regional peace and on Jordanian-Israeli relations,” he said.

Peace will not be realized through annexing a third of occupied Palestine, and annexation will not go unanswered, he added.

“We will do all it takes to protect our interests—the two-state solution, the emergence of an independent, viable Palestinian state on its basis, is a national Jordanian interest,” said Safadi.

This article first appeared in Israel Hayom.




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