51 Shot, Including 4 Fatally, In Chicago’s Weekend Gun Violence

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At least four people were killed and 47 others injured in gun violence since Friday at 5 p.m., reports said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that one week ago, four people were killed and 16 injured. Chicago police report 561 homicides in the city last year. That’s 100 fewer than in 2017 but more than the number of homicides in New York and Los Angeles combined.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said at her inaugural speech that she has “no higher calling” than restoring safety and peace in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Read more at Fox News.



  1. Attention roger park and Peterson park and Skokie park. Move to Israel and be safe beyond everything, even more the a Lightfoot will do. Israel is east of you. When you paleel u face Israel. True.

  2. What happened this week that’s more unusual than other weeks where gun violence is the norm? Was any politician or relative hurt that mainstream decided to report it?


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