52 Ex-Chareidim Sue Israel For Not Ensuring Their Adequate Secular Education

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With the backing of the Out for Change organization, 52 ex-chareidim sued the State of Israel for $1.1 million due to the state’s alleged failure to enforce their instruction in core curriculum subjects including science, English and math, which, they claimed, resulted in their inability to properly integrate into the work force.

In response to the charge, a state representative said that if a court finds the state guilty, the government will simply sue the parents of the plaintiffs and the 80 institutions where the plaintiffs studied to pay the sum owed.

Arutz Sheva pointed out that the charge may be false, for in 2008 a class of thirty chareidi men scored overwhelmingly better than the national average on a psychometric exam despite their lack of general studies schooling. Furthermore, in 2014 the Supreme Court rejected a petition which sought to obligate chareidi schools to teach the core curriculum to enable its students to integrate in the work force.

As for the plaintiffs’ claim that leaving the chareidi fold invalidated their qualification for programs that help chareidim join the workforce, the state countered that they could still take Economy Ministry courses and receive training vouchers set aside for ex-chareidim.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Criminal!!!!!!!

    This is a beit din that must be approached and a community that must have educational awareness!!!

    The Torah forbids the liability of hate guided at a retribution of negative fame and negative value against the voice of a jewish feeling and human free careful place of Human Value in Jerusalem!!!!!

    The secular studies have no great place in a yeshiva other than perhaps the idea that there can be more education and learning that one can do in his freetime away from yeshiva time.

    Large issue perhaps minor. I think that the yeshivas must have concession for the desire for history, mathematics, readings from english and science, but the problem is not to reform the yeshiva but perhaps in turn to have welcoming special schooling on the side that can accommodate the young yeshiva student in some of these topics in hours he can add to his busy schedule to find more aspects of trust and true interest in human life and human experience.

    This can be done.

    Terrible story.

  2. The schools received the money from the government to educate, just like they do here in America, so why don’t they sue the schools, and their parents for not holding the schools accountable?

      • You are the best example. You don’t know how to spell. Sue your school, sue your parents, but not before you sue yourself because the fault is mostly yours.

        • Are your insane? Misspelling one word is not something to make a whole tirade over. Especially in today’s day and age when its so easy to make a mistake typing on a phone! Shame on you for not addressing the point. But instead taking the low hanging fruit! And that’s without even mentioning that your paragraph makes no sense?

  3. Brilliant. Invite more government into your life.
    Even better, anyone who doesn’t like the decisions their parents made for them about their lifestyle should go sue the government. Force the government to force your parents to make you the person YOU want to be. Better than that, to make you the person some agenda driven ngo wants you to be.

  4. How can you agrue for them under any circumstances…?
    i think that the level of misguided these “plaintiffs” are on is simply incomprehensible to anyone living in chutz l’aretz. .. because of a lack of clarity there — only breathing the holy air of E’Y can help you see clearly b’sd…
    So, what these people are doing — turning against their own within the dynamics that exist in the medina of E’Y is unconscionable and completely ridiculous.

    Only deep hatred, that I imagine stems from their personal dissatisfaction and disappointment of not “receiving” whatever they thought was owed to them in the chareidi world, led to this lawsuit. Though I understand they feel cheated by all the sheker that they have undoubtedly encountered in their life… which is possibly why they became “ex-chareidi” there is no excuse to do this… it is incumbent on every Jew to rise above all the sheker and to do Hshem’s will anyway and to do the right thing, no matter what… My heart breaks for anyone who is that lost…

  5. Well, well, let’s wait and see. If those 52 gentlemen receive compensation and their former schools are forced to pay, I suspect Israeli attorneys will be overwhelmed with tens of thousand of customers who have been educated in secular schools and whose instruction has been so inadequate they can’t secure a job nor fit anywhere in the general society.

  6. The government of the State of Israel is the largest single provider of money for Limud HaTorah in the history of the world. It is not their fault

    • It is thier fault if they don’t prosecute those who ignore the mandate for secular studies in exchange for funds!

  7. to bad so many people have their head in the sand. you need to learn how to professionally write so you can get a job you need to know how to do math so you can get a real job. its so sad that neither of them are important

  8. 52 guys went to over 80 schools? Sounds like they wouldnt have gotten an English education if they had been provided one.


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