New Underwater Scan Shows the Titanic in Incredible Detail

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A deep-sea mapping company has created a first-of-its-kind digital recreation of the Titanic, more than 100 years after the doomed ship sank in the North Atlantic. The 3D scan presents the famous wreck, which scientists have studied and photographed piecemeal since its discovery in 1985, in its entirety, the BBC reported.

While the doomed ship will remain at the bottom of the ocean, the scan will allow researchers to study it in greater depth and ideally unravel the remaining mysteries around its sinking. The company behind the scan, Magellan Ltd, recreated the ship by snapping more than 700,000 images of it via remote control submersible, capturing it in granular detail—precise enough to show lost shoes and the serial number imprinted on one of the ship’s propellers.

Read more at BBC.


  1. Someone should make a movie based around this. There were wealthy passengers on board, were any sunken jewelry found?

    • A movie based around wicked plans???
      Precisely because of the 3 wealthiest people who opposed the Federal Reserve that the Titanic was built. They needed to get rid of them. The ship’s captain knew about the plan and agreed to the “mission” and headed full speed into an iceberg, killing 1,500 innocent people. A year later, in 1913 the the Federal Reserve System came into being and the United States turned into and incorporated business.

  2. Hopefully when Trump officially returns and discloses President JFK’s murderers, 9/11 real murderers, he’ll also disclose the purpose for creating the Titanic and who was behind the sinking of the ship.

    1912: The Sinking Of The Titanic.
    1963: The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy.
    2001: The 9/11 Attack On The World Trade Center.


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