56% of Chareidim in Israel Living in Poverty

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chareidimSome 56% of Israel’s chareidi citizens live under the poverty line, and chareidim make up 20% of the country’s poor, the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry has found. Yet they constitute only 10% of the population.

The findings, from a report on chareidi employment, will be presented to the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee last Tuesday.

The average gross monthly income of a secular household is NIS 12,000. But for chareidi households, it is only half that: NIS 6,100.

Men who define themselves as secular earn an average of NIS 8,950 a month, versus NIS 6,100 for their ultra-Orthodox peers. Secular women earn NIS 5,700 on average, while chareidi women earn NIS 3,700.

Plus, 71% of secular people work at least 35 hours a week, while 52% of chareidim  do.

Some 48,000 chareidim work in the business sector, a mere 2.3% of that sector’s work force. Most chareidi  women (66% ) and men (45% ) work in community jobs, education, health or public service. For secular women and men, the numbers are 42% and 20%, respectively.

On average, chareidim have more years of education than their secular counterparts – 14.2 versus 13.3. But most of that is in Torah institutions, which does not help them in the work force. And while 76% of secular men use computers, only 38% of chareidim do.



  1. This just shows how important organizations like Vaad Harabonim and Kupat Ha’ir are. There are tens of thousands of our brothers who need help. It is only through the avodas hakodesh of these tzedaka organizations that the problem can be fixed.


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