6 Months, 33 Victims of Terror



  1. this number above is just in Israel & includes adults of all ages. look at these shocking records below that are all written records (saved but not attached to this reply)

    54 innocent children & infants worldwide niftar just in the past 6 months alone R”L all of them in their twenties or younger R”L

    15 Gedolei Hador Niftar in the past 6 months alone R”L. Do you remember when you were younger how often did you hear that a tzaddik was niftar? once or twice a year maybe?

    this is only the infants, children & Gedolei Hador which exludes all people above the age of 30 until 120 unless being a leader of klal yisroel.

    is this not shocking? is this not tragic? did this ever happen in such a short range of time? (of course excluding wars & talking in regular going about days)

    This mageifa started only 3 Years ago when the first 7 GEDOLEI Hador on the list of over 200 were niftar in less then 2 weeks. & almost 200 innocent kids niftar over the same span of time R”L

    will YOU finally wake up & admit to yourself & Hashem that you accept his wake up call for teshuva & will join klal yisroel together as a nation to a time of teshuva, kinnus & taanis like we did in the days of the Purim Miracle (klal yisroel was saved back then cause they came together & listened to Mordechai to start doing teshuva ASAP)

    all this information of Gedolim & children nifar with their names & information & ages & how niftar etc… are all saved records at theteshuvamovement@yahoo.com (the movement Hashem needs & awaits from us daily before he sends Mashiach b’karov). feel free to access them by requesting a copy of them.



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