64 NY Children Sickened With The Mysterious COVID-Related Illness

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An initial survey by the New York State Department of Health has found 64 cases of children presenting with a new pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome likely linked to COVID-19, News 4 first reported Wednesday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not address the matter in his daily coronavirus briefing but told MSNBC in a later interview “this is still a developing situation and we don’t know all the facts.”

The state issued an advisory on the syndrome and its potential association with COVID-19 in children Wednesday afternoon. It was sent to all healthcare facilities, clinical labs and local health departments in the state to inform providers of the condition as well as to provide testing and reporting guidance. Any suspected cases of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome in people under the age of 21 must be reported to the State Department of Health.

Read more at NBC News.



  1. you don’t understand – every case that could be “linked” to Corona Virus is done so that hospitals can charge 20% more that regular fees and the NY State govt can collect more from the Fed.


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