68 Million Usernames, Passwords Stolen In Dropbox Hacking

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A whopping 68 million accounts were affected by a 2012 hack on Dropbox, according to multiple reports, CNET.COM is reporting.

Back in 2012, Dropbox disclosed that a hacker had accessed its internal systems and accessed a list of user email accounts. It didn’t say the list included passwords.

Now Motherboard, security expert Troy Hunt, and online leak-tracker LeakedSource have each reported they reviewed stockpiles of account information from Dropbox. The account information includes emails as well as passwords, which are encrypted.

Dropbox head of trust Patrick Heim confirmed in a statement that the usernames and passwords were from mid-2012. The company said all customers who haven’t updated their passwords since that time period have been required to change their passwords. Read more at CNET.COM.




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