7 Mortar Shells Fired from Gaza


rocketViolence from the Gaza strip escalated this afternoon as Palestinians fired four mortar shells at the Ashkelon Regional Council and three mortar shells towards the western Negev.

All the the shells exploded in open land.

No injuries were reported and no damage was caused.

Earlier today, a Grad rocket was shot from Gaza towards Israel.

The Grad rocket was the first since July, and the first to land near Ofakim since Operation Cast Lead. The rocket exploded in an open area, injuring three cows and damaging a building.

In addition, two Kassam rockets landed in the Merchavim regional council of the western Negev. No injuries and damage were reported.

Another rocket was shot this morning. It landed in Palestinian territory.

The escalation may have been a reaction to the IDF assassination of two members of the Army of Islam, an al-Qaida affiliated group. Earlier on Thursday, the Army of Islam issued a threat in Hebrew for the first time, saying that Jews are not safe from attacks.

Kassam rockets have been shot from Gaza towards the western Negev almost daily since 2001. The IDF Spokesperson’s unit reported that over 180 rockets have landed in Israel since the beginning of the year.



  1. There must be complete and unequivocal condemnation by all the various leaders in the region to these rocket attacks. Israel has every right to do everything in its power to defend its citizens. There are no reports of delinquents in Sderot lobbing missiles into neighbouring Gaza. There is a way to raise the general welfare of the residents of Gaza. These rocket attacks are counter-productive to this intention.

    We must all remain vigilant to the potential for evil emanating from certain places.


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