86-Year-Old Survivor of 11 Nazi Camps to Marry Woman Half Century Younger

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A Holocaust survivor who recently got engaged to a woman nearly half a century his junior says that he hopes to have the wedding at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue, where he is a member, the Algemeiner reports.

Two-time divorcé and father-of-four Jack Garfein, 86, is marrying Natalia Repolovsky, 39, next month — with a “big party” to celebrate the event.

Garfein — who survived 11 Nazi concentration camps, though the rest of his family perished — proposed to Repolovsky in his apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on July 2, his birthday. The groom is a director, acting coach and part-time resident of Paris.

Repolovsky is a technical writer for a software firm and moved to the United States from Russia several years ago.



  1. Mazal tov! I’m so happy to hear good news on Monday because the shir shel yom mentions the bnai korarah. I hope they invite me so I can do my special dance.

  2. Guess this is the biggest news in the world. Iran wants to blow up Israel, millions are dying, we are in the middle of a Holocaust, and this is the big news.

  3. Wow, mamesh so Toradik. Thank you for providing all the details. There is so much for a Ben Torah to learn from this amazing story. Matzav is great.


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