9/11 Light Tribute Cancelled Over Coronavirus


This year’s 9/11 light tribute won’t include the ghostly beamed-light twin columns projected into the New York City sky because of coronavirus concerns.

The New York Times reported the Tribute in Light installation — visible for up to 60 miles and extending four miles in the sky — has been canceled by the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

“The world’s beloved twin beams of light regrettably will not shine over Lower Manhattan as part of this year’s tributes,” Michael Frazier, a memorial and museum spokesman, said in a statement, the Times reported, adding that the decision was made “after concluding the health risks during the pandemic were far too great for the large crew.”

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  1. The height of stupidity. So now lights are dangerous. Oh, okay. We must ban all headlights on vehicles when driving at night. We don’t want anyone to get the Coronavirus. Everyone should stay home in the dark.
    What a bunch of lazy good-for-nothing City employees.
    This was clearly done in order to hurt President Trump. Having a tribute is very patriotic and that would get the decent normal citizens to realize that only the Republican Party cares about them and their concerns.

        • Yes, electrical setups are made by Cinderella’s mice and the disney chirping birds, that’s their other jobs besides getting us and our children dressed in the morning. All the electrician has to make is signing the conformity paperwork and flipping the switch.


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