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  1. i heard this is going on in monsey, too.
    someone asks a child for directions to a park and then asks the child to show him.

    My friend taught her children that when they have play dates, they should tell the other mommy, “I can’t play outside unless you are watching me.”

    Please, please be so careful with your children! hashem yishmor…

  2. Are you saying that someone is trying to physically kidnap our children or that someone is trying to convert them to non-Jewish beliefs? I find that while both are reprehensible their is a big difference between the two.

  3. Yehoreg ve’al yaavor trumps mesirah. Laiby Kletzky was murdered and maybe more by a YID who we wish someone would have called police on!

  4. “Attempts by goyim” leaves people with a false sense of security since hoyo lo se’hiye plenty of yidden have done things that police should be called for even on shabbos. Lets not forget Laiby Kletzky was abducted and killed by someone that no one would have called the police on etc.

  5. A friend of mine living in lakewood told me how some goy tryed to get her 14 year old daughter in a van by tempting her and telling they had a job for her. She ran home to tell her mother.


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