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  1. This is a continuation of Andrew Cuomo’s plan for New York State, to pull it down into the gutter.

    He forced through toeivah ‘marriage’, then we got Sandy. Now he has come up with another ‘brilliant’ idea. Typical of the immoral liberal agenda that he represents.

  2. This is very important, and almost nobody is paying attention. Casino gambling is a plague on society. Vote ‘no’ on this question!

  3. Please fix the spelling on the flier from “reserendum” to “referendum.” You undermine the validity of an important cause when you make such an embarrassing spelling mistake.

  4. Downtown Monticello and Liberty couldn’t get much worse – this will lower taxes and bring jobs to the area – if this doesn’t pass, antisemitism will go out of control because most people in Sullivan County desparately want this to pass – we didn’t see this outcry over toeva ”marriage”, which is an actual problem – there is no issur against gambling in a casino because the casinos are moichel – if this doesn’t pass, i am scared because the County is about to go bankrupt – since heimishe yidden are the only ones who have opposed this openly, the backlash may be really scary

  5. If Sullivan county residence want it – its to rid itself of the jews. No one wants drunkard party all nighters near them!

    Vote NO!!


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