9th Graders Honor Local Holocaust Survivor and Founder of their School, Dr. Moshe Katz

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dr-moshe-katzBy Menucha Lowenstein

On April 25th, Dr. Moshe Katz, noted author, lecturer and teacher, came with his wife, Mrs. Hindy Katz, to an array of presentations about his autobiography by members of Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) High School’s freshman class.

Nine Out of Ten is the incredible memoir of Dr. Moshe Katz’s life during World War II. The book describes his amazing story of escape from the clutches of death, all the while seeing Hashem’s Hand every step of the way.

The students presented various projects, including tri-boards, video presentations, poems, and several diagrams. Overall, the groups of students seemed to have internalized the essence of the Katz family, portrayed in the book, which includes their strong familial bonds, devotion to Hashem, and seeing Hashgachah Protis in everything. The scores of students seemed to be touched by Dr. Katz’s commitment to keep a pair of tefillin with him throughout the war. This was a physical embodiment of his faith in Hashem and was a comfort to him in the darkest of times.

Some students created video presentations to either reenact stories from the book itself or to showcase interviews. One video depicted Rabbi Meir Weitman, dean of Torah Academy for Girls, along with others, who praised Dr. Katz’s accomplishment of establishing various Jewish institutions in the community, such as Yeshiva of South Shore, Torah Academy for Girls, and Yeshiva of Far Rockaway.

Having read Dr. Katz’s book, each girl was moved by how she was able to learn the initial history of TAG and present a report to one of the school’s founders, to whom she expressed her appreciation for all of his past and current dedication.

After the presentation, Dr. Katz thanked Mrs. Liane Brill, the English teacher who arranged this program, for her hard work and willingness to make this program possible every year. He then went on to say, “After so many years, I just want to say to all of you girls, I love you all. I can only tell you thank you, thank you…and I cannot thank you enough for bringing back, from so many years, the memories.”

For giving us this legacy to pass on, thank you Dr. Katz.

Menucha Lowenstein is a TAG High School Senior.

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  1. To Menucha Lewenstein and all the girls who presented. I want to thank you for all your efforts in putting together this amazing presentation. I spoke to my Zeidy yblc and he was so excited to tell me about this wonderful event you all put together. Thank you Menucha for the beautiful and well written article.

    May hashem bless you all with health and happiness and may you continue to bring TAG and your parents much nachas

    Aliza Pressman (Czermak) TAG Alumnus and grandchild of Dr. Katz

  2. These individuals were the pillars of Torah in after WW2. Thank you TAG for bringing memories to the students of today.

  3. Dr Katz was my teacher earlier this year in yeshiva of far rockaway I was touched by him and for sure inspired by him….he is a special man and deserves every award out there thank you Dr. Kats for everything!

  4. As a hebrew teacher in TAG I must say that I am so proud of Menucha for writing this article and for the ninth grade in TAG for doing such a wonderful job. Dr. Katz is a role model for all our girls in the areas of chesed, emunah and yiras shomayim. Having him teach in our school is a privilege for all us that we will cherish forever.

  5. Re: R’ Moshe Katz:
    I have the z’chus of being one of my father’s daughters. In my life, we, his family, came first, followed by his devotion to teaching the Holocaust and his commitment to our Karbonos, our brothers and sisters, buried by the most shooting and brutal pains of mankind, will never be forgotten.
    We were never spared of the horrors of the Holocaust. It was part of our lives the way Playland was.
    His loving kindness to every Jew – no matter what he wears on his head or doesn’t wear on his head – is one of his his cherished Mitzvas.
    His midos were learned by the loving table of his parents, Chaim and Chaya.
    Torah, Avodah and Gemilas Chasadim are his life’s goals. He is never too weary to be there for his fellow Jew. No one is too big or small for him to worry about. My father (Amush) is my hero, and I know that his students and extended family the world through, consider him their hero too.

    I am a proud 1970 graduate of TAG. Rabbi Moshe Weitman A”H, was my beloved principal.


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