A $700,000 Gift from the Talmidim of Ner Moshe/R’ Shalom Shechter


In honor of Matan Torah the talmidim and alumni of Ner Moshe/R Sholom Shechter give their yeshivah a $700,000 gift

The talmidim and alumni of Ner Moshe spent 24 hours around the clock reaching out and donating to reach a historic sum of $700,000 to pay off their yeshivas debt and give them a fresh restart.

The campaign was launched in honor of Rebbitzen Gurewiz a”h who was niftar this past summer. The hakaros hatov and appreciation the alumni have for the yeshiva was evident in the mass turnout at Charidy events in Lakewood Brooklyn and Yerushalayim.

The 24 hour campaign is over but you can stil be part of the history by donating HERE!

You can view the campaign results HERE


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