A Call for Kids for TheZone Camps


the-zoneDear Friend,

As you are aware, frum communities across the globe are putting much effort into youth and college programs which reach out to students and families through an awareness of Torah and mitzvos.

Unfortunately, even with all of our combined kochos, there are still only a few hundred children in overnight outreach camps, thousands less than there could be. We cannot always reach out to the children who live in your cities, whom you teach, meet at the supermarket, or see riding a bike down the street. We need you to join us and reach these children to help bring them closer to

Our summer camp is one of our strongest tools to reach and expose children to the beauty of Torah living. The children experience a true Jewish lifestyle without any outside distractions. Oorah’s camps offer a unique and inspiring summer with exciting activities such as horseback riding, bumper boats, zip line, indoor and outdoor heated pools, a zoo, x-box room, game room, ATVs, water slides, beautiful camp grounds, all of which pale in comparison to the ruchniyus presented to these children, many of whom have never experienced a Shabbos or have never said a bracha.

Oorah offers The Zone camps for elementary age children, TeenZone for high school students, and Discover U for College age students. The girls’ program runs for eight weeks – two four-week sessions, and the boys’ for one four week session. Oorah prides itself on its comprehensive follow-up with both the campers and their families.

Each camper is assigned a Torah Mate, a caring staff member with whom to keep in touch throughout the year. We sponsor Shabbatonim, Chol Hamoed trips, packages before each Yom Tov, and are extremely careful to maintain the precious link between each camper and Yiddishkeit.

We need your help reaching those children who have not yet been a part of Oorah and are beyond our campaigning ability. If you have a connection with any child who can benefit from our program, tell them to call 866-the-zone or visit our website, thezone.com.

Can the child of your cousin, co-worker or dentist grow and blossom under our care? We are also available to make a presentation in your community. With your help, we can reach the thousands of children who are waiting for the spark of awareness which will ignite their neshamos to the beauty and warmth of Torah.

Thank you.

Rabbi Binyamin Gissinger
Camp Director, TheZone

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