A Call To Diaspora Jewry: Come To Eretz Yisroel!


Below is the letter from Agudas Kedushas Tzion B’Shem Gedolai Eretz Yisroel

Original Hebrew PDF here and English here

עת צרה היא ליעקב וממנה יוושע

“A difficult time for Yaakov, and he will be redeemed from it.” (Yirmiyahu 30:7)

Who will not shed tears when hearing such terrible news from afar – of the passing of many good and righteous of the Diaspora Jews? We all Daven to Hashem that He removes His wrath from the remnants of his people, and that He will speedily grant us a lasting Yeshua.

But how can we remain silent, when we see how Hashem specifically watches over the dwellers of the Eretz Yisroel – the Land which Hashem’s “Eyes” are watching from the year’s beginning to its’ end (Devarim 11:12) – and in contrast, the Diaspora has seen the fulfillment of the curse “and I will utterly conceal My ‘Face’” (Devarim 31:18), with the death of good and righteous people?

As we have heard from the Rosh Yeshivah, Rav Gershon Edelshtein, shlita, surely the zechus of the Holy Land protects its inhabitants, and therefore its sick and deceased are few.

 We are therefore calling upon all our brethren, inhabitants of the Diaspora: Come up to the Holy Land, to Eretz Yisroel, the Land of HaKodosh Boruch Hu, to the Land of Hashem’s Providence.


Now, that we clearly see that Hashem watches over His people in His Land, giving them a bright future, and it is precisely those who dwell in the Diaspora who are in difficulty and desperation – come and join us for your salvation. Accept upon yourselves to leave behind the tum’ah of chutz laAretz, and to take upon yourselves the kedushah of Eretz Yisroel. Teach your children that the place of a Jew is in the Land of the Jews, and don’t be left behind among the goyim, lest you be caught with all their sins.

May we have a speedy salvation in the zechus of our Holy Land, may Hashem say “enough” to our troubles, and may there not be heard any strife or calamity within our borders. May Hashem console us and wipe the tears from every face, and may we see Him when He returns to His home, as is written (Yeshayahu 53:8).

Agudas Kedushas Tzion

Association of Chareidim Endeavoring for Tzion Al Taharas HaKodesh


  1. Come to Eretz Yisroel where a siddur is prohibited at protests, at beaches and gatherings?

  2. How many Jews have been killed in Israel over the past 70 years and how many have been killed in America ? Are there no sins being committed in Israel? No chilul shabbos? No immorality ? Moshiach has not arrived and the people of Israel are just as vulnerable. Don’t fool yourselves

    • Or where 80% of the country fasts on Yom Kippur?
      Where 70% of the country keep kosher?
      Where non-religious are so Jewish they are becoming religious by the droves?
      Where there are 130,000 avrechim learning in kollel?
      Where there are close to one million children learning in religious schools?
      Is there any place more religiously Jewish in the world?
      For every chilul shabos in Israel, there are five throughout the rest of the world.

    • Hashem loves Eretz Israel. Eretz Israel is one of the three matanos Hashem gave to the Yidden which we must earn בעיסורים . Your Boro Park, Williamsburg, Monsey, Kiryas Yoel are simply not comparable to Eretz Israel even in the current condition of EY. The proof is that fewer people died in the current epidemics in Eretz Israel with a population of 9.2 million people than in tiny towns, villages, and neighborhood such as Monsey taken by itself, Spring Valley taken by itself, Boro Park taken by itself, or Williamsburg taken by itself. There is a special שמירה מן השמים on Eretz Israel. The Gemara Kesubos tells that a Yid like you in Chutz La’Aretz דומה שאין לו אלקא (you are like one who has no Gd). There is more Torah learning and mitzva performance in Eretz Israel than in the places I mentioned above taken together. The real reason you are staying in your Boro Park is comfort and the ability of milking the welfare system. That’s why you voted for Obama and Hillary.

      • But yet you were bragging that you got your $1200.00 check from the US government. So much for your hypocrisy.

        • Where is the hypocrisy? The $1200 was not a welfare handout. The corona epidemics and the ensuing economic hardship that hit all US citizens resulted in the $1200 stimulus cheque. Every US citizen who met gov’t criteria was entitled to the stimulus cheque. IRS deposited the cheque because I have been a tax paying, working citizen and they had my bank information. Next time, check facts more objectively, Fact checker.

  3. Yasher koach, Rabbi.
    Yidden must understand that their home is in Eretz Yisrael.
    If they continue to ignore the signs, the Almighty will push further.
    Open your eyes and see.
    All tirutzim will be to no avail.

    • To GG – Where do you reside? Are YOU! “Noe doresh v’noe mikayem”? Or perhaps you just like to foment machlokes? Look at the facts! WHO supports Israel if not Yoshvei Chutz Laaretz???!

  4. re: “Come to Eretz Yisroel where a siddur is prohibited at protests, at beaches and gatherings?”

    None of this statement is accurate.

    • A ben Torah should look into issues and not foolishly claim it’s not accurate.

      • I agree with you. Although i’m loath to condemn people who i dont know in case i may be mistaken and they are actually chashuv, we cannot deny that for some ppl moving to erets yisroel is the one and most important mitzva out there. That isnt the case. quite frankly its annoyingly obsessive.

    • מצוות ישוב ארץ ישראל, כוללת גם כל ישיבה, אמנם היא מתקיימת בעיקר בישיבה בקנין ובעלות, משום ד”ישיבה” משמע “תושב – ישיבה בממשלה ובעלות”[דרושה הבהרה], ההפך מגרות תחת שלטון זרים. כמו שאחז”ל עה”פ (בראשית כג,ד): “גֵּר וְתוֹשָׁב אָנֹכִי עִמָּכֶם”, אם תרצו הריני גר, ואם לאו אהיה תושב ואטלנה מן הדין שאמר לי הקדוש ברוך הוא (בראשית יב,ז) לזרעך אתן את הארץ הזאת. (מובא ברש”י). לכן הקונה בית בארץ ישראל – מקיים בעצם הקנין מצות “ישיבת” ארץ ישראל[14].

      בשו”ת המרחשת (ח”א סי’ כב אות ז) כתב: מצות ישוב ארץ ישראל נוהגת בנשים כבאנשים, אבל מצווה זו אינה מתקיימת בישיבה לבדה, כי אם גם כן בקנין קרקע בארץ ישראל. וכדמפורש בקרא “וירשתם אותה וישבתם בה” שצריך ירושה וישיבה (הקנין – הוא הירושה, והדירה – היא הישיבה) ובחדא מינייהו אין המצוה מתקיימת.

      לדברי רבנים שונים, גם קניית קרקע, בלא בית, היא מצווה, והיו שהגדילו לטעון כי קניית חלקת שדה בארץ ישראל ישראל, כמוה כקניית חלקה בגן עדן[15].

      בשו”ת אבני נזר (יו”ד סימן תנה) נכתב, כי אפילו עבור אנשים היושבים מחוץ לישראל זו מצווה לקנות נחלה בארץ ישראל, ואף נחשב כאלו יושבים בארץ ישראל.

  5. We want to come!! But our children need schools that will accept them and us and not say “ein makom”. We need to be welcomed not kicked! We are not second rate because we are American and need to work on the internet in order to have parnassa!! So, reality check please..

    • Parnasa is a serious consideration. But if you do work on the Internet, do like my daughter does. She moved to EY about 2 yrs. ago and kept her job with an American company. The truth is she works crazy hours: from 3:30 pm till 12 am when her co-workers are also at their desks. But she lives in the Ramot neighborhood of Yerushalaim. Leah, every 4 amos she (and you if you are here) walks it is a mitzva. You can walk miles in Boro Park, Monsey, Berlin, or London, but sorry, no mitzva. Besides, there are a few Israeli recruiters who recruit for US, Canadian, and British firms. Furthermore, all the major US software, hardware, and electronic companies have a large presence in Eretz Israel.
      One more point. Truly, truly American Jews who moved to Eretz Israel are admired for their מסירות נפש . It’s known you give up comfort and standard of living by moving to Eretz Israel. Unfortunately, some stores and vendors have taken advantage of their not knowing prices and the way business is done over here.
      Leah 2330, I wish you and your family the very best wherever you are.

  6. It’s incomprehensible that even during this magayfah, such loshon harah against our Land abounds.
    Hibadlu min ha_eida hazeh.

    • Excuse me. Nobody is talking LH against the land of Israel. It’s only against the secular Zionist destroying every iota of yiddishkeit in the holy land. You need to learn the halachos of being motzi shem ra.

  7. Listen you Israel haters.. Nothing will help you, don’t you see what’s happening over the last few years?
    If something is broken , you try to fix it. Come and fix it via votes and population.
    You don’t even want to try , you despise the medinah just like the meraglim.

    • I do despise the medinah, not eretz Yisrael.
      Yes I am an “israel hater”, though i wouldnt classify it as hate, more like disdain. But again, thats israel, not eretz yisroel.
      So no, i think that I am on the side of Yehoshua and Kalev, and you are with the people who went up after Hashem told Moshe that the Yidden shouldnt go cause Hashem isnt with them

  8. i will not blast those who i dont know, being that they may well be smarter and holier…
    But this letter IS written by people who “none of us know”, claiming to be from gedolei yisroel. The truth is that we have not heard from any gedolei yisroel that we should move. And this isnt a new question, so nothing new is needed. While i will reserve judgement on the possibility that this was indeed written by righteous scholars, I also am aware that it may be written by scumbags who are megaleh panim shelo k’halacha, and pretend to be emissaries of the gedolim. All evidence, or lack thereof, pointing to the latter.

    • Excuse me?
      None of the gedolim say to move?????
      There couldn’t be a bigger lie than that. Rav Chaim Kanievsky repeats this to practically every visitor from Chutz laaretz that they should move to eretz yisrael.
      If Rav Chaim is not daas torah (when it isn’t convenient) than who is?

  9. There’s so much good in EY.
    So many nissim , and shame on those who cast an evil eye and look for the bad.Shame on you, shame.

  10. There are many mosdos that have been opened davka by olim that are extremely successful. and dont forget that Eretz Yisroael is niknais biyisurim. Dont expect anyone to role out the red carpets. Plenty of people work here on the internet. Actually most do. Hashem is sending sign after sign to the diaspora. First The Department of Education started meddling with the curriculum, then anti semitism and now Corona. What are you waiting for?

      • and being shot in a shul in new jersey, or being stabbed in monsey??? or have the mayor of ney work spread hatred against you?

      • May it not happen, but if one is killed in EY by Arabs, he died על קידוש השם . When a guy from the multitudes of minorities kills a Yid in Brooklyn, Queens, or Washington Heights for his wallet, his life went to waste.

      • before bringing up news from 20 years ago, perhaps let us focus on the tens – or maybe hindreds of jews slaughtered and murdered in the NY hospitals – while their death is being blaimed on corona…

  11. I hear an engagement going on from my house in the street in a Jerusalem neighborhood.
    The police came by to see whats going on and announced from the megaphone…. Mazel tov to Naomi and Yisraoel!!
    So you see, It’s not so bad here!!

  12. Sammy

    Just remember that the meraglim were the biggest gedolim and they brought catastrophe.
    A “gadol” who does not call for Aliyah is not a gadol.

    • So are you putting down all the Rabbonim in Chutz liaretz including all the Roshie Yeshivos?! All the poskim? All the Rebbe’s?

  13. Re: scumbags
    Be careful that the malshinim and haters of Israel shouldn’t also be labeled scumbags.
    That probability is very real.
    Stop lying. Secularism is a pitiful excuse for you guys. You’re talmidim of the Spies, is what you are.

  14. You’re not seeking approbation from gedolei yisrael.
    You don’t want to live in Eretz Yisroel, so say so outright.

  15. Funny how people after over 70 yrs are still caught up with the Zionism fear saga.

    Facts speak on their own, the level of Yidishkeit and דרגות בתורה ואמונה at all levels is incomparable to Israel.

    Yes, I live in NY but I do admit the truth, we belong in Isreal. This has nothing with Zionism

    Fact: Living in Isreal was something every true Yid and gadol longed for, through out the ages.

    • Not quite.
      Eretz Yisrael is Hashem’s palace. You want to be on your best behavior if choosing to live in His house. If you’re not up to that, then you probably shouldn’t live in His house.

      In addition, the Zionists have made a world-class disaster for Jews, R”L L”A, with Zionism in general and their invasion of Eretz Yisrael in the decades leading up to 1948 in particular.

      So, in addition to making sure you are on the appropriate level to live in E”Y, which was the biggest issue before Zionism, and making sure you have appropriate chinuch for your kids and parnassa there, you now have to also make sure that you can navigate the numerous issues that Zionism presents there, like Zionist threats to draft frum kids (both genders) into their IDF/Church of Zionism indoctrination camp, their constant hisgarus baUmos and sullying the holy land with the worst that European society has to offer (actually, even worse than the gentiles), their having never known a day of peace in their bloody and heretical anti-Torah existence and much, much more.

      Finally, if anyone is comparable to the meraglim, it is, of course, the Zionists, as it is the Zionists who insisted that they needed an army, etc. to settle E”Y when, of course, had the Zionists not started up over a century ago and not begun their invasion soon afterwards, there would be no need for an army, as the Jews living there prior to the Zionists were doing fine without the Zionist conflagration of the region and world with their invasion of E”Y.

    • people dont understand even if Zionism carrys baggage. look at how much Torah flourishes in Israel. do they think it would flourish like this under the sovereignty of arabs? something can start as a negative and become a positive

  16. @ Sammy @
    So which one of your gedolim authorized you to call supporters of Aliyah
    You’re so sanctimonius and refuse to believe that a rav wrote this.
    So calling Yidden scumbags is ok because they’re sympathetic to the Holy Land.
    You actually described yourself, unwittingly..

  17. Thanks for this important letter.
    While everyone can have there own cheshbonos, and own nisyonos, it is very possible to live in Eretz yisrael, and all of us who made the move see so clearly כי טובה הארץ מאוד מאוד.
    Life is not about what you can get away with, and which excuses you can live by.
    If you are looking for excuses you can find hundreds of reasons to live in shmutz laaretz.
    Life is about giving up to do Ratzon Hashem.
    The Sifri says that the mitzva of living in Eretz Yisrael, is shakul like all mitzvos.
    The Gemara says to live in Eretz Yisrael, even in a totally not jewish town. But, b”h we don’t have that problem today, and you can live in an entirely charedi town.

  18. @ ANONYMOUS 2:OI
    You are the mother of all spinners.
    Tell your yarn to your kids as you rock them to sleep.
    Red Riding Hood is more believable than your farplunterte fairy tale.
    The worst part is if you actually believe it yourself, but I doubt it.


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