A Chance To Own A Sefer Torah



One makom Torah in Chicago is offering the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Veitzener Kollel is hosting its inaugural V’ata Kisvu Lachem Sefer Torah campaign, a unique raffle that awards one lucky winner money designated for the purchase of his own Sefer Torah and the chance to fulfill the mitzvah of V’ata Kisvu Lachem to its full extent.

The winner will also receive $2,000 towards making a Hachnosas Sefer Torah and the ability to choose from different selections of Ksav Ari and Ksav Bais Yosef valued up to $40,000.

Founded by Veitzner Kollel in Chicago, the innovative campaign adds a new element to the traditional fundraising raffle.

“Our goal was to create a unique campaign to benefit the Veitzener Kollel, while giving back to a community that has supported us for decades,” said Eli Newmark, Executive Director and Menhael of Veitzener Kollel. “With their gracious support, Veitzener continues to grow as a home of Torah and avodah.”

The raffle does more than offer the opportunity to fulfill such a special mitzvah in the Torah. Every participant is a winner, as all proceeds will benefit the Veitzener Kollel in Chicago to help support Torah and yiddishkeit in the Midwest. As a pioneer of Torah and yiddishkeit in Chicago, Veitzen and its kollel continue to serve as a foundation for its community.

“The whole city of Chicago is thriving upon the zechus of the Veitzener Rav, zt”l,” said R’ Avraham Chaim Levin, Rosh HaYeshiva of the Telshe Yeshiva in Chicago.

Veitzener Kollel encourages participants to take advantage of this special opportunity. A maximum of 3,300 tickets will be sold.

Purchase tickets today at SeferTorahRaffle.org or call 773.217.0682

One Ticket: $100

Two Tickets: $180

Three Tickets: $250

Seven Tickets: $540

Fifteen Tickets: $1,000

A makom Torah built on three generations of Chicago’s Torah leaders pioneers, Veitzener Kollel serves as a foundation of Torah and yiddishkeit for Chicago’s Jewish communities. Handpicked Chavrai HaKollel bring a genuine love of Torah and forge strong relationships with community members. It provides daily minyanim, community shiurim, onegei Shabbos and shiurim and inspiring limud HaTorah throughout the day.


  1. What a great Idea
    As a Kollel yungerman I always dreamed of owning my own sefer torah
    Its one of the very chashuv mitzvos.

    Hope I win!!!!


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