A Chasunah for Under 10 Grand? New Boro Park Hall Commits to Getting it Done

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Boro Park will soon have a new wedding hall, located at the Torah V’yirah Hall operated by the “Satmar Takanos Committee,” who promising to provide a wedding for “under $10,000.”

Kerem Menachem Hall will be guided by special takanos to ensure simchos are a night of joy and calm for the baalei simcha, lessening the burden of the payments.

Askonim involved in the project tell Matzav.com that particulars of the project have not been finalized, but the package offered by the all will be all-inclusive, covering the wedding hall, caterer, music, photographer and flowers.




  1. According to the inflation calculator $5k in 1954 is worth approximately $47,000 in today’s dollars. Sounds like you had once big fancy wedding.

  2. TO Seymour
    A ִ$5,000.00 INVESTMENT 65 YEARS AGO WOULD GIVE YOU ִִ$3,500.000.00 TODAY. NOW TO GET A $3,500.000.00 SERVICE FOR $10,000.00 IS A VERY GOOD DEAL.

  3. Based on inflation, this is much cheaper than 5K in 1955,
    5K in 1955 dollars is nearly 50,000 in today’s dollars.

  4. My grandfather told me in those days he used to get a loaf of bread,a milk,a large dozen eggs and orange juice for $1 today you can’t, he tells me, because there are security cameras!!


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