‘A Checkpoint Would Have Saved My Daughter:’ Mother of US Terror Victim Pushes Back Against Rep. Rashida Tlaib Comments

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The mother of a US citizen murdered in a Palestinian terrorist attack slammed Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib on Tuesday for her comments on Israeli security checkpoints, saying, “checkpoints prevent terrorism — save lives.”

Frimet Roth, whose 15-year-old daughter Malki was killed in a Yerushalayim terror attack in 2001, cited Tlaib’s statement on checkpoints at a press conference following Israel’s decision to bar her from entering the country.

A teary-eyed Tlaib recounted, “As a young girl, visiting Palestine to see my grandparents and extended family, I watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoints — even though she was a United States citizen and proud American.”

Roth tweeted in response, “Rep Tlaib cried about her mother being ‘dehumanized’ at Israeli checkpoints. My child Malki, a US citizen murdered at 15, would be here today had a checkpoint stopped her murderer and a 10 kg bomb from entering Jerusalem.”

“Remind Tlaib: Checkpoints prevent terrorism — save lives,” Roth wrote.

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  1. The last time I flew with a commercial airline, I was subjected to several humiliating checkpoints (sob). I had to empty my pockets, take off my shoes and jacket, and put all my carry-on luggage through a scanner (sob). I had to personally undergo a dehumanizing body scan (sob). When the scanner beeped, I had to remove my suspenders that had a metal clip on it and hold onto my pants as I went through the scanner multiple times (sob). I am now suffering from PTSD because the mere sight of an airplane causes me to have a panic attack (sob).

    Why do I have to go through all this? Because 18 years ago a group of Rashida Tlaib co-religionists were so deeply oppressed and “dehumanized” by Western civilization, that they felt they simply had no choice but to attack and kill 3,000 Americans on U.S. soil.

    Treason is defined by the U.S. Constitution as “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason….”. In my opinion Rashida Tlaib is an enemy of the United States, and whoever votes for her is guilty of treason as defined by the Constitution.


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