A Cry To All: Rav Rubin On The UK Education Crisis

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By Rav Y. Reuven Rubin , Matzav.com

People have been talking about the problem during the whole of Shavuos. Everyone is aware, yet feel at a loss.

Whatever am I going on about? Well, if you have to ask then that in itself is part of the problem.

The British government has taken a decidedly negative view of our educational system. The department of education has been sending inspectors into schools, asking provocative questions that they know go against that which we hold sacred, and doing so in the name of British Values. Our Heimisha newspapers are full of this story, and Rabbonim have spoken very forthrightly concerning the serious predicament we find ourselves in.

What then can I add you ask? What pearls of wisdom does Rubin have that may change anything.

Simply put, I have none. Except a call to do what our ancestors have done throughout our long golus.

We must daven, as one community, with one voice, one cry. Tzadikim tell us in a number of places that Hashem sends us difficult situations so that we will turn to Him for help. This current threat never started out to be anything to do with us, we have become collateral damage in a greater societal problem. No matter, the minions of civil service bumble bees have caught up with our vulnerability in such matters and are running with it. The greater challenge facing the secular society may not seem solvable, but sure as rain, they can make an example out of the fruma Yidelach. Truth said we have never had any problems with the authorities, but once the light is shone, the evil eye of anti-Semitism breaths out its noxious gas. Why is this happening? My humble thoughts on the matter are that we have become too cozy in this Golus and have forgotten what we are meant to be doing. We see Kollelim at bursting point, shuls aplenty, glatt everything plus, and lovely Mosdos where our young are taught with nary a thought that anything is amiss.

Read some history, sweet friends. It has always been just such moments when storms have blown up. We are facing nothing less than the loss of everything we have worked for over these last years. Without a shot being fired we will have to turn our backs on this once hospitable place and leave. I truly don’t understand what the higher echelons of government are thinking. Do they really want to open their papers to see pictures of thousands of Erlicha Yidden getting on planes and leaving? Talk of anti-Semitism of today will seem like a walk in the park when we start putting up for sale signs on our homes. They certainly don’t want this, I think they just don’t get it. They have no idea the strength of our will when it comes to the future of our holy children. There can be no compromise when it comes to our kedusha. Our ancestors walked into fire to keep our holiness, does Whitehall really think this is all to do with a quant pocket of resistance that will somehow give up their beliefs. It may well be that the highest levels of government have no idea what is going on here, and that this is all down to the uber liberal  left wing do gooders who see us as antiquated throwbacks from a different time.

No matter, this is an Eis Tzorah, a time of maximum challenge, larger than anything we have seen here in generations.

Please. Let’s come together and use the one true weapon that is our inheritance going back to our very roots in Avrohom Avinu, let us daven together.

One massive Yom Tefilah, in a huge venue, parents grandparents and yes most importantly children. We will hold nothing more than our tehillimlach in our hands, and turn to the One source of all hope and light.

We must do this now, whilst others who mean us harm read reports and conjur over their plans, we, children of Avrohom, Yitzchok, Yaakov must cry out to Hashem our Father that loves us. There must not be any division, all must gather together, all Torah Yiden, Chasidim, Yeshivish, Sfardisha, Baal Habatish, the titles don’t end but the one solid fact is that we are all one Klall Yisroel.

There are often things we don’t all agree upon, that too is Golus, but this should have no distractors. Yidden, daven for your children, Hashem is waiting for us.

I end this article with a sense of sadness. I have been writing here in the Jewish Tribune for well over twenty years. That’s a lot of ink, yet, nothing has been as important as this. My sadness stems from a fear that this appeal will just be seen as just an exaggerated over wrought treatise from a Rov who is not in the know.  The reader will just turn the page, perhaps shirk and sigh.

Reb Klall Yisroel, our children need more, our future needs more, and the time is now!

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  1. Not to be ignored!! if it’s happening in England are we sure it wont happen anywhere else in the world? The time for all of us bearba kanfos haaretz to daven is now!!

  2. The Rav is correct and we must Daven as One in Achdus – unity.

    Here is the part the Rav did not speak of but the RAMBAM does and so does the REBBE of our generation.
    SHEVA MITZVOTH BNEI NOACH is not something that is theoretical only. It is HALACHA LEMA”ASEH.

    Some observant Jewish community leaders i.e. politicians, askanim or maybe even rabbonim think they can make “deals” with politicians to “keep quiet” or “vote” for a candidate or party undermining “family values.” They should know that this way of doing business becomes the “spark that ignites the fire” that creeps along and bursts forth as the “conflagration” of interference within our educational mosdos.

    We know that government programs aid the poor – and at times it seems to be at the price of being quiet on “social issues”.

    This to be the “easy way” of gaining financial support for the poor who are eligible to receive and should receive.

    The fact is — if you hold strong on your principles you will NOT lose out in the end. Right is Might.

    In fact, the right way for the Torah Jew is –the only way.

    May we always have the stamina and strength to do what’s right,

    • Enough with the Daven. Move to Israel. What does England offer? Rain!! Hey British Jews we speak English here in Israel. Or just Daven in Hebrew

  3. We here in America are lucky to have President Trump who respects religion more than even the israeli government.

  4. Y Hecht ,
    Well Said .
    The most tragic part of this is that it was inevitable.Yet those who sounded the alarms over the past several years were denoted as eccentric fanatics by the same Askunim

    First they came for the …, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a ..
    Then they came for the …, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a …
    Then they came for the … and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a ….
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


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