A Drive-Thru Sukkah? Yes, Indeed

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drive-thru-sukkah-smallThe Miami Herald reports: In our on-the-go-world, the drive-through is a haven for speed and convenience. We order fast food. We drop off our mail and pick up our dry cleaning.

But sukkah? Yes, there’s now a drive-through for that.

Jews can now motor into a temporary sukkah, in the parking lot of Pinecrest’s Bet Shira Congregation, for a few minutes to pray, enjoy nature and get a bite to eat.

Jews can visit its “McBet Shira Sukkah” situated in the middle of the shul’s parking lot at 7500 SW 120th St.

Leaders say everyone is welcome to visit the sukkah. It will be up until next Friday.

The new drive-through is the brainchild of Cantor Mark Kula, who believes it is the first of its kind.

“This is a drive-through that will slow us down,” Kula said. “It does push the envelope a bit.”

This modern-day vehicular resting place fits one car at a time.

drive-thru-sukkahOnce the bracha on lulav and esrog are said, a volunteer gives the driver and passengers daled minim to shake.

“We hold and shake these symbols of nature in the sukkah and note that beauty surrounds us as we pursue peace in all directions,” explained Rabbi Micah Caplan.

Finally, a volunteer gives the motorists a snack — perhaps a cookie and a glass of water or a juice box.

Somewhere during that quiet time in their vehicles, Kula and Caplan hope that people take a moment to appreciate blessings in their lives.

“It stirs in people a different awareness of the holidays,” the rabbi said.

Martin Applebaum, president of the congregation, said the drive-through sukkah was more than an automotive novelty.

“There are so many excuses people have not to come or participate,” he said. “We’ve come up with a way that you can be part of it during your normal activities.”

{Miami Herald/Matzav.com  Newscenter}


  1. Not Kosher Because there are NO WALLS to this sukkah! Secondly, as “a jew” stated, you must get out of your car!

  2. It is not a kosher sukkah period if you dont beleive me ask your local rabbi and you cant use your sun roof because there are still no walls and your cars isnt sufficent besides whats the great use of the sikkah does it make youmebody feel comftorabe when he comes and basicly advertises he doesnt have a sukkah it may not be allowed to put up also beacause of lifney ever its proberably reform shul


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