A family ripped apart by tragedy. We will not let them fall!

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A family ripped apart by tragedy. We will not let them fall!

A moment before, they were a proud father. A wonderful young son-in-law. A young woman in the prime of her life. Thirteen members of one happy family in New Square. 

In one moment, that was all gone. With the shattering of glass and, crumpling of cold steel, the life of this family will never be the same. The family was ripped apart by unimaginable tragedy.

The head of the family R’ Arye Shmuel Deutsch and his young daughter Tziporah, and his son-in-law R’ Shlomo Birenhack, all lost their lives suddenly leaving behind a family and a community in agony.

Two widows who lost their breadwinners, and 11 orphans, the youngest born hours after the tragedy, crying for their fathers and asking the burning question “When is Tatty coming home?”

How do you answer that question? How do you even begin? There aren’t any words. It’s a tragedy of incomprehensible proportions. The pain is of unbearable magnitude. But let us not let them face the pain alone!

The family is trying to pick themselves up while the mother of the family is still in critical condition, the deceased father was prescient and made an Areiviem plan but no one could anticipate such a horrific event with such unbearable consequences.

No amount of money can alleviate the unbearable pain, but it’s our duty to make sure that money should not be an obstacle to their healing and recovery, let’s help them rebuild their shattered lives and secure a future for the orphans who were robbed from their fathers. 

R’ Aryeh Shmuel Deutsch, R’ Shlomo Birnhack and Tziporah Deutsch may be gone. But Klal Yisroel is here and determined not to let this family fall.

 The Deutsch and Birnhack families may be crushed, devastated, and recovering from wounds doctors can treat—and cuts so deep only Hashem can heal. But Klal Yisroel will do its part to make sure that they have the means to recover from this terrible pain.

Our message to the families: You are in agony, but you are not alone: We are here for you as one big family, and we will not let you fall!

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