A Grandmother and a Terrorist?

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Tharwat al-Sharawi,The current wave of terrorism made people raise an eyebrow at the fairly young age of the terrorists who attack Israelis. But it seems that the desire to carry out attacks stimulates not only young people, but also their grandparents.

Tharwat al-Sharawi, 72-year-old Palestinian from Chevron, tried to murder Jewish men near the Halhul Bridge and was shot by Israeli security forces.

According to Palestinian media, al-Sharawi came from a family that supports terrorism. Tharwat al-Sharawi is the widow of Fuad al-Sharawi, who was killed in Chevron during the first intifada in 1988. Her daughter is married to a senior Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Mohammed Jamal Natshe.

Yesterday, at around 1 p.m., Al-Sharawi tried to run over Israeli soldiers. There were no casualties among the soldiers. She was taken to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Yerushalayi, where she died of her injuries later on. A knife was found in her car. Apparently, she also planned to stab the soldiers after hitting them with her car.

Sheim reshaim yirkov.

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  1. Why will they return her decrepit body for the Palestinians to celebrate her as a martyr?
    Wrap the beast in pig skin first! Wash that ugly face with dog manure!

  2. There should be a Profile Page for terrorists disseminated in shuls and everywhere that will profile the so-called “modest” “religious” Arab women as terrorist to give them a BAD REP for their FAKE Tznius.


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