A Kosher Boycott in Israel that Has Nothing to do With Kashrus

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straussThe ongoing boycott by some Yidden in Eretz Yisroel of Strauss Dairies has nothing to do with the kashrus of the products of one of the Israeli food giants.

According to Idele Ross, the Bureau Chief of KosherToday in Israel, the boycott came after Strauss Dairies changed its mehadrin kashrus supervision (as first reported on Matzav.com here) from that of Rav Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau, Chief Rabbi of Bnai Brak and respected authority on kashrus supervision, to that of Rav Avraham Rubin whose ‘Badatz Mehadrin’ is said to be particularly prestigious.

Charedi media, says Ross, are reporting that many groups believe the new arrangement is a serious affront to the stature and reputation of Rav Landau.

Strauss Dairies said in a statement that the changes are being made because Rav Rubin’s certification is more convenient for them. Rav Rubin was the former kashrus administrator for the OU in Israel.

The new supervision pertains to Strauss’s new line of soft white cheeses being produced specifically to the stricter requirements of the mehadrin community, precisely the group that is now calling for a boycott of Strauss products.

Apparently, says Idele Ross, many rabbis affiliated with the Gur and Chabad Chasidic movements were employed by Rav  Landau.

The daily Hamodia, associated with the Agudas Yisroel organization, published a statement from Rav Landau notifying the public of the Strauss decision. Strauss defended its new arrangement as something that was done with Rav Landau’s consent.

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  1. Haven’t been buying Strauss products now for several years (and also strauss-elite) and it doesn’t have to do with kasherous on a technical basis; while the physical ingrediants are okay, N O W A Y am I going to buy products from a company who uses it’s profits ( or advertising money) to support a toeivah parade that marches in yerushalayim !!! What could be more traif than that?

  2. Why is strict supervision of soft cheese a specific requirement only for the chassidim of bnei brak as insinuated in the statement? It seems that KosherToday is not exactly up-to-date on kashrus or its politics. Additionally, who decided that a corporate decision to switch from one hechsher to another of equal stature constitutes an offence to the former? Grow up!


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