A McDonald’s Job, A Jewish Man’s Beard And A Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

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The owner of several McDonald’s franchised stores in Florida finds itself the defendant in a religious discrimination lawsuit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after, the suit says, a Jewish man’s beard prevented his hiring.

When the store manager at a Florida McDonald’s interviewed Morteza Javadi in person, according to the lawsuit, he said Javadi’s beard would have to come off to comply with the grooming policy. The men’s grooming policy quoted in the lawsuit says “that says all employees must be completely clean shaven.”

Javadi said he couldn’t shave his beard, but offered to wear a beard net. The manager said no shave, no hire because it would violate company policies and the law.

The EEOC’s suit claims Chalfont’s policy is an “unlawful employment practice” and discriminates against Javadi.


Read more at Miami Herald.




  1. A Jewish man should not be working in McDonald. it Violates the Torah’s working policies…
    This bearded Jewish man should be the one getting sued…

  2. Something is very suspicious about this.

    This guy is not a Hasidic guy as we define the term. A Hasidic guy doesn’t apply to be a janitor at McDonald’s.

    He is a missionary of some type, or stam a whacko. He is from “Mahi Ministries” of Kansas City, MO.

    The fact that he wears a Na Nach Nachman thing on his head doesn’t mean that he is Hasidic.

    A comment by Yossi Abramson at The Jewish Press website elsewhere says that he is not even Jewish.

  3. By his name, he sounds Indian or Pakistani, and he is Hindu, and wears a beard. What would a frum Jew do in a treif food establishment?

  4. People from the Hindu religion do not eat meat they are all vegetarians as they worship the cow.

  5. Seems like someone pretending to be orthodox just so he can play the religious card knowing this would be the case and had the intention of sueing them from the start. Guess he knew he wouldn’t make much from working there so why not make the money by NOT working there…


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