A Message From Catskills Hatzalah


As the summer of 2019 begins, Catskills Hatzolah is finalizing location updates to their computer dispatch system for this year. If anyone is aware of any inaccuracies or any changes that have occurred since last summer, either new camps and colonies or name changes they should be notified as soon as possible. These updates are critical for responding members to arrive as fast as possible in the event of an emergency Chas V’Shalom.

All sites currently in the system can be verified by clicking HERE.

Any corrections should either be directed to the Central Hatzolah office at 718-998-9000 or via email to gps@chvac.net.

These updates will also be made available to the general public for use on GPS devices through our website in the near future.

Wishing all a safe and healthy summer,

Catskills Hatzolah


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