A Metziah: Thousands Get Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets Due to Delta Glitch

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delta-mistake-glitchThis Shabbos, some people will be giving a Kiddush – not for a baby, but because they got dirt cheap airline tickets.

It was Yom Tov in many frum homes and offices across the country this morning as a glitch with the Delta airlines reservation system resulted in some people getting very – very – cheap airfares.

Delta said the glitch caused incorrect fares for both its website and booking websites such as Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity to show incorrectly.

Some of the fares displayed were JFK to Los Angeles for $42.11 round-trip, Cleveland to Los Angeles for $52 round-trip, and Los Angeles to Honolulu for $60 round-trip.

By 11:30 a.m., Delta.com and the Expedia and Priceline websites would show the low fares but when users went to pay they found a box that explained those $75 fares to Hawaii were now $806 round trip.

Delta released the following statement: “For a portion of the morning today, some prices on delta.com and other booking channels were incorrectly displayed, resulting in lower than usual fares for customers. The situation has been resolved and the correct prices are being displayed. Delta will honor any fares purchased at the incorrect price.”

Delta is not releasing details as to how or why the low fares were offered.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It would be nice if people would not take advantage of someone else’s mistakes. You would not want it if the situation was reversed. Lifnei iver al titain michshol. But I live in a world that doesn’t exist……….

  2. @Frequent travler you could find out during the mistake if you follow dans deals on twitter even if you dont have a twitter account by texting follow @dansdeals to 40404

    @Member of the Tribe the company has the right not to honer the tickets and therefor its up to them to take the loss or not.
    on the other hand i do wonder if you are right because taos akum you dont have to return. but to purposely take advantage of a mistake might be a diff story than if they gave you an extra dolor change by mistake.

    dont get me wrong i didnt think of this and i booked 4 tickets for my wife my kids and myself and 13 tickets for a bunch of friends of mine for about $25/ticket from ny to la
    and my 2 brothers booked for their whole families and my mother got 1 too for about $50/ticket from ny to la
    and 1 of my brothers and my mother got business class tickets

  3. the end of the article says it all
    how much would delta have to pay to advertise sales and other odds and ends within the company?
    Bikitzar a lot of money
    “Delta is not releasing details as to how or why the low fares were offered”
    thats becuase they probably did this intentionally
    otherwise blame a computer guy or a computer glitch or a monkey, stay quite, don’t lie (by blaming someone that didn’t cause hte problem)
    and get wonderful advertising

  4. No.1 Frequent travler…the answer to your question lies in the post mentioned three above this one,re Robert Wilson who jumped to his death.It was said about him that he had the ability to predict where the world was going.Had he waited just a little while longer before doing what he did,he might have let us all know about this computer glich of Delta’s.Maybe due to his state of mind he decided “i’me davka not gonna tell’em!”..We’ll just never know now!.

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