A Mothers’ Brigade Against Soda Machines

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  1. She’s 100% right – drinking soda knowing how much sugar is in it is about as disgusting as smoking. Think of taking a coffee and loading in 8 or so spoons of sugar- now think of cocoa cola

  2. Diabetes is a congenital/ autoimmune disorder. You can only get it if it runs in your family. No amount of soda drinking will make one sporadically susceptible to diabetes.

  3. She’ 10% right.

    I would reserve such strong talk if they had open wifi or free cigarettes for the kids or something like that….

  4. i just hope whoever wrote this did not do so on there smartphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mothers get rid of your smartphones and maybe there will be hope for your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That only applies to someone who is not vaccinated. For those of us who did the responsible thing and got vaccinated, we’re protected from all ill’s and diseases. We’re going to live forever and have it pain free in the process. What can be better than that?

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